12 Actors Who Landed Their Most-Famous Roles In Bizarre Ways

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You probably think actors land their most famous roles by having fancy, high-powered lunches and nailing super-formal auditions. But it turns out Hollywood is just as insane and random as the rest of the world. Probably moreso. So actors get cast in famous, career-making roles for truly bizarre reasons.

For example ...


12 Actors Who Landed Their Most-Famous Roles In Bizarre Ways


Emma Watson frantically called J.K. Rowling on the phone before her audition. The author of the Harry Potter book series had always pictured Hermione


The director of The Notebook thought Ryan Gosling looked like a regular schlub. You might assume that Gosling gets movie roles thrown his way because


Samuel L. Jackson scared the shit out of Pulp Fiction's producer while eating a tasty burger. When Jackson got word that another actor was heavily fav


John Roberts' YouTube videos imitating his mother got him the role of Linda Belcher on Bob's Burgers. Roberts made a series of videos that went viral


Mel Gibson inadvertently stole a role from his friend when he showed up to the Mad Max audition bruised and battered. FREAK The day before Gibson had


Tim Roth thought he'd be crap during his Reservoir Dogs audition, So Quentin Tarantino got him drunk. Roth read the script for Tarantino's debut fil


12 Actors Who Landed Their Most-Famous Roles In Bizarre Ways


Danny DeVito told the writers of Taxi that their script sucked. DeVito had only played a few small parts on TV and in movies when he was asked to audi


A hilarious case of mistaken identity got Fernando Rey a leading role in The French Connection. William Friedkin originally wanted to cast Francisco R


The kid who played Damien in The Omen beat up the director. R.I.P. balls Donner's Richard Over the span of two days, director Richard Donner auditione


Wayne Knight's sweaty face made him perfect for Jurassic Park. Steven Spielberg cast Knight as the villain Dennis Nedry after seeing him in Basic Inst