22 Historical Things We Imagined Completely Wrong

22 Historical Things We Imagined Completely Wrong

History is imperfect at best. Sure, there are several written accounts and evidence to prove what is fact from fiction, but even then some things are just presumed and perceived as truth. Our perception of time and how we imagine historical artifacts, persons, and destinations play with our heads on occasion, warped by what we watch on TV or in a movie. Even our history teachers don’t do a good job setting the record straight either, as we all know.

Just because the pyramids of Giza are ancient, it doesn’t mean that you can’t get a fast food pepperoni pizza nearby. In spite of every show, movie, or opera saying otherwise, Vikings didn’t wear horned helmets. There were also more Black cowboys than you probably imagined in real life than what you saw on the screen.

Let’s make up for some lost time and knowledge with these historical things that we got completely wrong.

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