18 Historical Moments That Get Pictured Wrong

Yeah, that mental image you have? Completely wrong.
18 Historical Moments That Get Pictured Wrong

To be explicit, archaeologists are capable of building actual, exact, and authentic chronologies and assembling historical truths. The major elements of most established timelines are correct: feudalism existed before the Enlightenment and Italy and Japan supported the Axis in World War 2.

The issue is that what we learn in history does not necessarily match what people read in fiction. And, since narratives, perspectives, viewpoints, as well as research methodology develop over time, a large portion of history is recreated frequently. For the sheer reason that history is difficult to describe, those who experienced or studied the past are constantly rewriting it.

We all have mental images of how renowned historical places, people, and things look. Thanks to movies and historical texts. And, more often than you might imagine, that mental image is incorrect. The past was sometimes far more - or far less - remarkable than most people know.

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1967 1969 1967 If you immediately think of tie- -dye when You think of the hippie scene of the Haight-Ashbury neighborhood in the '60s, think again. T
The Victorians saw Christmas as a time to have a laugh. Their Christmas card art included stuff like a child stuck in a teapot, mice riding lobsters,
CRACKEDcO Napoleon wasn't really that short, He was about 5'6. That was about the average 6 180 height of men 170 at the time.. 1GO 5 10 110 130 120
If you're picturing Easter Island statues as disembodied heads, you're picturing them wrong. They're ull-body sculptures, just mostly buried in the hi
CRACKEDCONT If planing a trip to Egypt, don't expect your views of the Pyramids of Giza to be like this. Giza is a modern city and the Great Pyramids
JURASSIC PARK'S VELOCIRAPTORS ARE MISSING THEIR FEATHERS. The real Velociraptor was the size of a turkey, with fully-feathered wings. Crichton's famou
Taj Mahal is one of the seven wonders of the world, a representation of Paradise and a symbol of love. However, the nearby banks of the Yamuna River a
Viking$ did not wear horned helmetse Carl Emil Doepler is the main culprit behind this notion. He included horned helmets as part of his costume desig
One in four cowboys were African-American. In the aftermath of the Civil War, being a cowboy was one of the most popular professions among former slav
When you experience art through computer screens and printed reproductions, you often get a false sense of the visual scale that is part of the histor
Gladiator fights weren't a gory free-for-all, but had strict rules and referees. One gladiator's tombstone inscription complains that a bad referee ca
SURGERY during the CIVIL WAR was not as painful as typically depicted. In fact, 95%of surgical procedures involved anesthesia by the use of chloroform
The iconic Migrant Mother photo isn't a lucky snapshot: Dorothea Lange carefully composed the image for the greatest impact on the viewer.
CRACKED COM Because of black and white photography, Victorian & Edwardian clothing is most often thought of and depicted as black, white, grey, and br
NDAO Samurai used guns and were proud of it. When firearms were introduced to Japan, many samurai and their men started using guns to replace bows as
Cowboys of the Wild West typically wore Bowler style hats. Stetson style cowboy hats were only popularized at the end of the 19th century. ORACKEDOON
Cave didn't men really live in caves. Rather, there's evidence that prehistoric humans spent most of the year hunting in the wilds, hunkering in cav
IND Pirates' loot was mostly stuff like food and fabric, which they almost never stashed in buried chests. Burying that loot would ruin it, and anyway
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