25 Facts That Get In Accepted History's Face

25 Facts That Get In Accepted History's Face

We've all got brain-pictures about what the past was like, inserted by school, history books, and pop culture through the years. So much stuff rattling around in there, and wouldn't you know it: some isn't correct. ‘Education’ is a relative deal - learn the right thing, and you're knowledgeable about the 60's, learn the wrong thing and you think Columbus discovered North America. So yeah, the wrong path is a tough one to get off once you've been put on it, partly because most of the time you don't even know you're on it. Sometimes, it's nobody's fault: history sometimes takes time to uncover and unravel before it's fully understood. 

But what's fun about that? No, we must be worse than that.

So in our ongoing effort to be as insufferable as possible, we've compiled some killer facts that will fly straight in the face of the stuff you think you know about history.

Entry by CF3000

A MAN TRIED TO BLOW UP GEORGE W. BUSH. Do you think a shoe was the worst thing anyone threw at President Bush? In 2005, Georgian national Vladimir Aru

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CRACKEDCO WE KNOW EXACTLY WHERE LEWIS AND CLARK CRAPPED. The Lewis and Clark expedition carried mercury pills that were used to treat pretty much ever


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