If there's one thing that humans can agree on, it's that we absolutely hate change. Think about it – if you ever had to move as a kid, you probably hated it. Even as an adult, moving can be hated. But more than that, it’s little things that peeve us. Our favorite deli closing, a long running show we loved finally being pulled off the air. We like some semblance of constancy in our every inconsistent world. So, when massive changes, even seemingly minor ones, come along and throw the comfortable, familiar parts of the status quo out the window, we’re left decrying it because it’s different, and if it’s different, it has to be worse, right? No, not necessarily. Lots of the things we take for granted now were reacted to in that way, but now we think “whoa there, calm down please.” Here are some reactions to now common technology and traditions that seemed INSANE at the time they were invented.

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