Booooooo! It's a spoooooky ghost! What do you mean, you aren’t scared? That today works on our toddlers. Should we hide behind the couch and emerge with hand claws? No? Fine! We'll put in some effort, we guess. But you better leave scared enough to drop that bag of candy you are definitely way too old to be holding or we'll TP your house, dude.

It’s Halloween! How are you gonna celebrate unless you aren’t freaked out of your mind? But don’t worry, we are right behind you -- because we’ve got your back. We have prepared this collection of fun and scary facts that’ll put you in the right mood for the season. You can share them while trick-or-treating (or to distract that big guy with an axe and a burlap sack on his head, who might or might not be just your neighbor in a creepy disguise. Have fun finding out!)


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