15 Creepy Trivia Tidbits

15 Creepy Trivia Tidbits

Do you like to be scared? Then go read the news or check your credit card statement. That’s not what we do here. OK, we sometimes do that here. Like the time we wrote about five scary stories that sound made up or nightmare fueled true tales.

But not today. Today we’re talking about the fun kind of scary, like, uh... serial killers? Ok let’s start again. Let’s just focus on the innocent looking Yugoslavian Grandma named Baba Anujka who is reportedly responsible for the deaths of up to 150 men.  And they didn’t even see it coming! Or the time a gang of actual macaque monkeys caused the death of New Delhi’s deputy mayor. The next time you see hamlet, don’t even think of asking where they got their skull…

Yeah, Halloween can be confusing. We think we’d rather be scared instead. We hope these random facts do the job. So scroll on down for stuff that will make creep you the heck out in a satisfying way.

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