Tell Us Now: 14 Most Bonkers Episodes Of Otherwise Normal TV Shows

Tell Us Now: 14 Most Bonkers Episodes Of Otherwise Normal TV Shows

Television stations have progressively crossed the line and pressed against boundaries around what is considered appropriate for viewers to witness in recent years. So it comes as no surprise that there are several obscene, violent and unlawful moments in shows today.

Usually, TV shows that go beyond 3 or 4 seasons start to go inexorably down in quality. After enough broadcasts, particularly those extended US seasons of 22+ shows each year, it's to be anticipated. However, all those series utterly lose it for whatever reason.

And those are the Television shows that really should have cooled down as well as focused on what gave them popularity in the first place, whether it was breaking their norms, integrating strange sci-fi clichés, or raising one too many heroes.

On Facebook and Instagram, we asked Cracked readers what odd television situations they thought they'd dreamed up. If there's one thing we've learned, it's that getting stoned and falling asleep while watching ALF or Murder, She Wrote the ideal way to create a spec script.

TELL US NOW: MOST BIZARRE EPISODE ALF CRACKED Ken s. says the final episode, Consider Me Gone, felt the most out of place: It took years before I could confirm the original ending of the series just left him in the government's hands.

TELL US NOW: MOST BIZARRE EPISODE SNL 2000) GRACKED Mark s. says There's an SNL skit with Juliana Margulies where she's meeting her boyfriend's family, and his mother chews his food and spits it into his mouth like a baby bird. This skit isn't available. It's even cut from the actual episode on Hulu.

TELL US NOW: MOST BIZARRE EPISODE Dukes of Hazzard to CRACKED Steven C. says When I was a kid, I remember an episode that involved the General Lee finishing a race, flipped upside down on top of another car (or with another car flipped upside down on top of the General Lee).

TELL US NOW: MOST BIZARRE EPISODE Sherlock CRACKED Danielle M. says the series finale, The Final Problem, threw her for a loop: Literally woke up in the middle of the night thinking 'oh, that was a dream, right? That's why it was so f*cking bizarre?

TELL US NOW: MOST BIZARRE EPISODE Murder, She Wrote CRACKED Gavin F. says I distinctly remember seeing an episode with a young Jack Black wearing a hot dog costume. I can't find evidence of it anywhere.

TELL US NOW: MOST BIZARRE EPISODE Star Trek: Enterprise CRACKED Brian B. was taken aback by the series finale, These Are The Voyages.... The whole series, four seasons worth, was just a holodeck program run on the TNG Enterprise by Riker and Troi? Either the writers are on strong drugs, or I am.

TELL US NOW: MOST BIZARRE EPISODE Star Trek: The Original Series GRACKED RJ P. says there was no need to subvert Spock's whole thing in This Side of Paradise: Spock with emotions just doesn't play well. Kirk figuring out that anger overrides the action of the spores and goading Spock into anger to release Spock from the spell of the spores simply demonstrates Nimoy's limited range as an actor.

TELL US NOW: MOST BIZARRE EPISODE That '70s Show CRACKED Colleen D. says That '70s Musical was ill-advised: It was SO freaking jarring. Seeing the actors break character to lip-sync badly to karaoke tracks in 2-minute segments was bizarre, and super annoying. Plus there's enough glitter throughout to out-sparkle a circa-1985 David Bowie.

TELL US NOW: MOST BIZARRE EPISODE The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh CRACKED Stephen C. fondly recalls the time Pooh became a psychological horror in Sorry, Wrong Slusher: Christopher Robin sneaks down to watch a slasher movie...with Winnie the Pooh and friends, which promptly drives them into paranoia that they'll all be murdered. It ends with them seemingly being thrown in jail, only for them to realize they were dreaming...or were they?'

TELL US NOW: MOST BIZARRE EPISODE SNL (1999) GRACKED Tim B. has hazy memories of The SNL skit with Garth Brooks and the cast as Smurfs. I had come home from the hospital with a broken arm and high on prescription pain meds. I fell asleep with the TV on and woke up to that weird skit. I wasn't sure if I was dreaming, hallucinating, or if it was really on the TV.

TELL US NOW: MOST BIZARRE EPISODE Doctor Who CRACKED Jason Y. says the campiest scene in Love and Monsters was the best scene: The chase scene with the Scooby Doo doors was the only good part of that episode.

TELL US NOW: MOST BIZARRE EPISODE The Six Million Dollar Man CRACKED Robert R. found A Bionic Christmas Carol a bit hard to process: Steve Austin, dressed in a Santa suit, carries a penny-pinching businessman through various scenes to show him the Meaning of Christmas. I was on medication for serious back pain at the time, but it struck me as one of the more bizarrely conceived episodes of television I'd run across.

TELL US NOW: MOST BIZARRE EPISODE Portlandia GRACKED Chelsea T. says the notoriously weird show out-weirded itself in No Olympics: Kyle MacLachlann gets up and is singing this weird, meandering, --seductive song that is supposedly the National (?) Anthem of Portland. I was very sure I'd fallen asleep midway through the episode... but no.

TELL US NOW: MOST BIZARRE EPISODE Roseanne CRACKED Jason s. recalls the episode where they were suddenly in the Wild West and I think Roseanne had a duel on top of a speeding train.
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