Capitalism is nothing but the ruthless of something those jerks on Shark Tale “exploiting an inefficiancy,” was is figuring some sort of loophole in either labor laws or the limits of what workers will put up and picking at that scab over and over and over again until you have 17 yachts. And then the crew of those yachts are destitute. And then people who work at the port where you dock are living on the street with smiles on their faces, happily serving you key lime pie and margaritas with toy alligators as garnishes. You know, capitalism!

Or sometimes the legal profession is running a brothel while calling it an art school, or trying to cash a gimmicky junk mail check. Whatever floats your…wait, that's not the right metaphor here. Whatever helps you scam The Man the most, we guess!

There are countless loopholes out there, just begging to be exploited. 

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