Cracked VS: The Beef Between DC Comics And Alan Moore

Come for the comics, stay for the brawl.
Cracked VS: The Beef Between DC Comics And Alan Moore

Welcome to Cracked VS, a new feature where we pit two topics against each other and let ‘em duke it out. Today’s topic: DC Comics vs. Alan Moore

Alan Moore and DC are like a bitter divorced couple that had amazing sex together but ultimately it couldn't work out and now both of them bitterly snipe at one another. And the fans are their children that have to suffer through the “Tell your mother/father, she's/he's a jerkbag/bagjerk!” game of telephone. Before the schism, the two made some great work together. Watchmen, V For Vendetta, Swamp Thing, and so many other amazing works done in collaboration with one another. Where did it all go wrong?

Well, we broke it all down for you. Discover the origins and stats between Alan Moore and DC, see where all the sour feelings and bitterness formed, and pick a side in the battle between the eccentric Alan Moore and the conquering comic book company DC.

CRACKED VS. The Big Beef DC COMICS ALAN MOORE Moore, along with illustrator David Gibbons, created Watchment for DC in 1986. DC's contract stated that the rights would revert back to Moore and Gibbons when the comic went out of print. It was such a hit, however, that they kept on printing it, and Moore severed ties with DC soon after, stating, You have managed to successfully swindle me, and so I will never work for You again. CRACKED.COM

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CRACKED VS. Money Brawl LIES HERE JOHN CONSTANTING CRACKED.CO DC COMICS ALAN MOORE When DC decided it was time for John Constantine (created by Moore et al.) to get his own movie (Constantine, 2005), they offered Moore a lot of money. He rejected it and told them to take his name off the movie and divide the money among the other artists instead. He demanded the same be done for V for Vendetta.

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CRACKED VS. Moore and the Marvel douche EVERY WOMAN is interested and should know about the wonderful Marvel Whiring Spray Douche When If your druggist cannot supply the MARVEL. accept no other. but write for us Illustrated Book, sent free sealed. It gives price by mail, particulars and directions invalu- able to ladies. Endorsed by Physicians MARVEL CO., Room 33, Times Building, N.Y. DC COMICS ALAN MOORE After leaving DC in the late '80s, Moore did some work for Awesome Studios, which was eventually sold to DC Comics in 1998 along with Moore's imprint, America's Best Comics. Moore wasn't happy,

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CRACKED VS. The final straw DC COMICS ALAN MOORE When it was announced Moore denied saying any that there would be a film such thing, and asked DC adaptation of Moore's to retract Silver's remarks critically acclaimed V for because at that point, Vendetta, producer Joe Moore was firmly against Silver claimed that they all these adaptations of his had talked to Moore and comics. DC basically that he was very excited ignored his request, and about the movie. that was it.

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