Welcome to Cracked VS, a new feature where we pit two topics against each other and let ‘em duke it out. Today’s topic: DC Comics vs. Alan Moore

Alan Moore and DC are like a bitter divorced couple that had amazing sex together but ultimately it couldn't work out and now both of them bitterly snipe at one another. And the fans are their children that have to suffer through the “Tell your mother/father, she's/he's a jerkbag/bagjerk!” game of telephone. Before the schism, the two made some great work together. Watchmen, V For Vendetta, Swamp Thing, and so many other amazing works done in collaboration with one another. Where did it all go wrong?

Well, we broke it all down for you. Discover the origins and stats between Alan Moore and DC, see where all the sour feelings and bitterness formed, and pick a side in the battle between the eccentric Alan Moore and the conquering comic book company DC.

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