14 Hapless Individuals Who Got Screwed (For The Crime Of Being Nice)

14 Hapless Individuals Who Got Screwed (For The Crime Of Being Nice)

In the world of business, there are a lot of maxims that people like to throw around. "Nice guys finish last." "It's not what you know, it's who you know." And so on and so forth. But is that really always the case? In his new book, Crime of Being Nice: How Extraordinary Service Can Bring You Success, author Dale Carnegie challenges the notion that being nice will get you nowhere in life. Rather, he argues that by going out of your way to do something nice for someone else, you can set yourself up for success. So is being nice really such a bad thing?

It's a common misconception that nice people finish last. In fact, research shows that being kind and considerate can actually lead to success in life. So why do so many people believe the opposite is true? Probably because we're bombarded with images of ruthless CEOs and Hollywood stars who seem to have no problem stepping on others to get ahead. But the truth is, being mean and greedy doesn't guarantee success - in fact, it often has the opposite effect. So the next time someone tries to tell you that nice guys don't finish first, remind them of all the successful people who are proof that they do!

There's exactly one case of justice being served in this carnival of karmic cruelty. See if you can spot it!

A guy got the plague from his cat LOT - IXL von CRACKED.COM While attempting to save his cat from choking on a stubbon mouse, Paul Gaylord was bitten, and quickly came down with a bad case of rotting extremities and organ failure. While he had to get his fingers and toes amputated, he's the only person known to have survived stage 3 plague.

City council candidate loses by 1 vote CRACKED.COM Bobby McDonald and his wife were stretching themselves thin trying to maintain multiple careers, and support their three kids, all while Bobby was trying to get a seat on the city council. On election day, his wife slept in and forgot to vote, causing an exact tie. The tiebreaker was a coin toss, which Bobby tragically lost.

Man rescues seagull, lives to regret it CRACKED.COM Friend to animals Don Weston once rescued an injured baby seagull from the parking lot he owns, and nursed it back to health. Ever since he released it, it divebombs and poops on him -- and only him on a daily basis. Seagulls can live for 25 years, so, good luck with that.

Animal rights activist arrested for animal cruelty CRACKED.COM Taylor Radig took a temp job at a Colorado cattle farm, and meticulously documented months of considerable cruelty before turning the footage over to the authorities. She was then arrested... for not reporting the abuse sooner.

A good deed cost a homeless man his Medicaid CRACKED.COM New Jersey man James Brady found a wad of cash, and promptly turned it over to the police. When no one claimed it, they let him keep it. Hackensack Human Services caught wind of this heartwarming story and notified him he'd be losing his Medicaid over unreported income.

Police arrest local hero CRACKED.co Houston man Dave Newman dove into a river and saved a drowning stranger from an underwater cave. He was promptly arrested upon returning to shore, because the cops had apparently been yelling, from the safety of dry land, that he should stand back and let them handle it.

Good samaritan is sued into oblivion CRACKED.COM When Alexandra Van Horn saw her friend flipped over and pinned beneath a burning car, she heroically rushed to save her. But her pal says the heroic deed (not the car crash) left her paralyzed, and sued her for $4 million.

First responder gets ass kicked by police CRACKED.COM Tonie Farell was leaving her shift at Tim Hortons one night, when she saw a friend being attacked by 3 jagoffs. She fought them off and called the boys in blue... who promptly shattered her leg and punched her tooth out when they showed up.

Hitler made a British spy think he caused the Holocaust CRACKED.COM Regarding ONE Private Henry Tandey, Hitler once remarked That man came SO near to killing me that I thought I should never see Germany again. Except, weirdly, Hitler was wrong, and Tandey was never anywhere near him. Nevertheless, the quote became so ubiquitous that Tandey himself came to believe his shoddy marksmanship prolonged WWII.

Starbucks charged EMTs on 9/11 STREET CRACKED.COM These first responders weren't just grabbing a venti latte on their lunch break. They needed 3 cases of bottled water for hundreds of 9 11 survivors, and they had to pay Battery Park Starbucks $130 out of their own pockets to get it.

A woman Airbnb'd her home to a porn shoot CRACKED.COM When LA County required porn stars to wear condoms, porn prodcuers started renting apartments outside of county lines. One woman found her place strewn with everything but condoms - lube, enema kits, and even the business card of big-time porn guy Michael Lucas.

A dude's roommate Airbnb'd his room CRACKED.COM A Chicago condo owner found himself in a somewhat Goldilocks-esque position - he returned home to find a young couple sleeping in his bed, after drinking all his booze and hookah-ing up his home. Not to worry, though - at press time, Airbnb was reviewing this matter fully.

The Wikipedia protection racket CRACKED.COM Small business owners, including a wedding photographer : and a local jewelry store owner, were targeted by evil Wiki wizards. The editors would write an article about the business, but hold it hostage until they agreed to pay $30 per month to protect the article from digital vandals.

The Nike Swoosh designer got 35 bucks nike GRACKED.COM Graphic designer Carolyn Davidson came up with the now-iconic Swoosh in 1971. She was paid a paltry $35 by the CEO at the time, who also made it clear he didn't even really like the design. (Thankfully, a decade later, a new CEO gifted her Nike stock worth hundreds of thousands of dollars).
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