14 Failed Talk Shows From Beloved Celebrities

If you're gonna come for Oprah, you need more than baby pictures from Kanye.
14 Failed Talk Shows From Beloved Celebrities

Wayne Brady is a hell of an improviser, and Khloe Kardashian is probably great at, um, drinking Kocktails, but neither can carry their own talk show. Here are a few more celebrities who should have just stayed in their lane:

Thicke Of The Night CRACKED.com Alan Thicke had an actually pretty popular Canadian talk show, then tried to move into the US market with the grossest-titled show in the history of television. It was a deliberate attempt to challenge Johnny Carson, but Thicke later said it was ahead of its time... it should've been on in 2084, when all of us are dead.
The Magic Hour CRACKED.COM Magic Johnson made the extremely ballsy move to invite Howard Stern onto the show, after he repeatedly criticized it. Stern didn't go easy on him, and spent his entire interview laying into Johnson about everything from race, to his skills as a host, to the unacceptable lack of lesbianism on his show.
Late World with Zach CRACKED.COM A pre-fame, beardless Zach Galifianakis hosted a somewhat wacky, but largely earnest VH1 talk show for all of 2 months in 2002.
The Keenen Ivory Wayans Show CRACKED.COM It lasted for two seasons, and had some pretty legit celebrity and musical guests, but ultimately no one wanted to see a prolific impressionist just being himself.
The Pat Sajak Show CRACKED.COM This is a classic case of a TV personality overestimating the comercial value of his personality. But it gets a lot weirder: Sajak started letting people guest-host his show on Fridays, which is when Rush Limbaugh swooped in and riled up the audience with incendiary segments on abortion and affirmative action.
Kathy CRACKED.COM Kathy Griffin followed up her popular reality show with a talk show co-hosted by her mom, Maggie Griffin. Bravo actually gave it two full seasons to find its legs.
McEnroe CRACKED.COM John McEnroe's CNBC show ran for a scant 5 months, but racked up two separate O.O Nielsen ratings in that time
The Tempestt Bledsoe Show CRACKED.COM Tempestt Bledsoe, who you'll remember as one of the Cosby kids, tried to tap into her remaining reserve of star power 3 years after The Cosby Show ended. Her talk show lasted 5 episodes.
The Queen Latifah Show *Livin ALL CRACKED.co The show was cancelled in 2001 after a 2-season stint. Then, 10 years later, she dredged up its petrified corpse and made another show by the same name. That one actually won the People's Choice Award for Favorite New Talk Show Host (somehow), but was axed after 2 seasons once more.
Kocktails With Khloe CRACKED.COM This was a 14-episode show where Khloe Kardashian- get this - has kocktails with kelebrities. America just wasn't ready to watch socialites binge drink with each other for 42 minutes at a time, and it was dropped after one season.
The Dennis Miller Show CRACKED.CO Miller followed up his successful stint on SNL with a pretty dumpy late-night show. One reviewer said the program seemed to exist solely to make Shannen Doherty think he's a Really Cool Guy.
Kris CRACKED.co Kris Jenner was explicitly coming for Oprah, even attempting to become a single-syllable celebrity. But despite having Kanye come on to release the first images of North West, the show never made it out of the 6 markets it was piloted in.
The Wayne Brady Show CRACKED.COM Wayne Brady was absolutely crushing it on Whose Line Is It Anyway? and ABC thought they had a superstar on their hands. They gave him his own show, first as a prime time variety show, later moving it to daytime. Despite winning a bunch of Daytime Emmy Awards, it only lasted 3 seasons.
The Chevy Chase Show CRACKED.COM A talk show with a laugh track? What's not to love? Throw in the last bitter embers of Chevy Chase's waning star, and you've got yourself one of the worst TV shows of all time (according to TV Guide).
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