12 of Dolly Parton's Good Deeds

America's Sweetheart has earned the title.
12 of Dolly Parton's Good Deeds

The rich and famous should give back to the communities that raised them. And no one does quite as well as America's Darling Dolly Parton. Aside from being an outspoken advocate for LGBT+ rights and Black Lives Matter, she also has put her money where her mouth is. Here are 12 of the noble deeds the musical legend has done.

AT A GLANCE DOLLY PARTON Dolly Parton saved her nine-year-old co-star from an oncoming car. In 2020, while on the set of Dolly Parton's Christmas: on the Square, Parton pulled her. child co-star Talia Hill away from a moving car. CRACKED COM

Source: NBC


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