Tell Us Now: 20 Franchises That Have No Problem Killing Innocent Background Characters

Dang. Godzilla is actually super violent when you think about it.
Tell Us Now: 20 Franchises That Have No Problem Killing Innocent Background Characters

We don't need directors to give every survivor of a global catastrophe their own spinoff so we know they made it out okay. We just want evidence that they've thought about the background destruction of their big fight scene as much as we have.

We asked Cracked readers on Facebook about the franchises that are the most callous about the inhabitants of their precious universes (and gave our take in the latest Your Brain On Cracked) – 

TELL US NOW. Transformers CRAGKED Daniel W. says this franchise isn't fooling him: It pretends to be so bloodless. At one point, a man wrestles a robot made of knives, and comes away without a scratch. When a multi-story robot throws another one through a building, you bet there'll be
TELL US NOW. Kingsman: The Secret Service CRACKED Pablo M. just made this otherwise lighthearted romp sad as hell: Imagine how many people murdered their loved ones during the end sequence. It's worse if you think how many parents murdered their children. No happy ending there.'
TELL US NOW. Fast & Furious E CRACKED Stewart M. says unless everyone is immune to car crashes, explosions, and gunshots (a possibility in this series), there's a LOT of dead bodies in their wake.
TELL US NOW. Ender's Game CRACKED Charles C. needs to see a smidge more moping before he's satisfied: sure, Ender and his crew are torn up over what they've done, but none of the rest of humanity appears to care that they've warred a sentient race to extinction.
TELL US NOW. Avengers: Endgame CRACKED lan G. says reverse-rapture is way more dangerous than everyone likes to think: People would have blipped back into unsafe situations, like if they were flying or driving, causing a vast amount of deaths.
TELL US NOW. Superman GRAGKED Simone G. says Supes could learn a thing or two from Goku: In Dragon Ball Z they would leave the city before fighting SO no innocent people would be in harm's way. Superman just started the fight right in the middle of a major city.
TELL US NOW. Noah (2014) CRACKED Mike D. has found a rare hint of moral grey area in a Biblical adaptation: All those people drown while Noah takes his family and pets out for a spin in their houseboat.
TELL US NOW. Captain America: Winter Soldier CRACKED Bob W. thinks the people of this cinematic universe have accepted that they live in hell: there are cars crashing, explosions, people dying ... it doesn't even really seem to affect other background character's days! They just kind of sit in their cars
TELL US NOW. Ponyo CRACKED Tony F. says Ponyo has blood on her hands: The entire town is underwater but we only see a handful of survivors. How localized was the tsunami?
TELL US NOW. Sonic the Hedgehog GRAGKED. Kevin B. says Sonic can't just quip his way out of this bloodbath: Pretty sure Robotnik missed and instead blew up a bus Chopefully not) full of people during his chase scene with Sonic in the busy streets of San Francisco, and the
TELL US NOW. Godzilla 2014) CRACKED Louis D. says this is not the hero we deserve: We're supposed to root FOR 1 city-smashing giant monster to fight another doing the same thing, while thousands of people are dying, millions more lose their homes, and the human main characters we follow
TELL US NOW. Godzilla VS. Kong CRACKED Nigel W. thinks they should have at least exchanged insurance info or something: they must have halved the population of Hong Kong in the final battle yet not one single reference to the aftermath.
TELL US NOW. The Rock AeabEl. Caly 84 aat hes av Brates ct. ov t  GRAGKED Brian B says Connery doesn't get a pass: 'Sean Connery is tearing around town causing all kinds of damage and we're supposed to roOT for him as this bad-ass hero. People die in crashes
TELL US NOW. The Matrix Trilogy CRACKED Brittany G. says Neo is responsible for a whole bunch of innocent dead bodies at the end of the day: literally every security guard or person taken over by an agent is murdered for no other reason than having their body temporarily a building,
TELL US NOW. Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy CRACKED Mike A. says that perhaps we, the moviegoing public, are the real monsters: They destroyed the entire earth and everyone in the theater laughed.
TELL US NOW. G.. Joe: Retaliation CRACKED Justin L. says people need to rethink what saving the day really means: YAY! We got the bad guy and the launch computer. GO JOE!'. not one person is like, 'but wait... wasn't all of London destroyed about 15 minutes ago?
TELL US NOW. The Dark Knight Trilogy STATUS SYSTEM DAMAGECATASTROPHIC OITICR CRACKED The real victim of these movies is Gotham's innocent infrastructure. According to Ryan M, Batman was just cruising down the freeway in a tank and blowing up entire parking structures and pop a wheeling through the damn mall.
TELL US NOW. Star Trek Into Darkness N CRACKED Spencer S. says this movie was really about the biggest hit-and-run in the galaxy: A huge starship crash-lands in the middle of a city and almost no mention is made of the thousands who must have died.'
TELL US NOW. Star Wars CRACKED James N. can't stop thinking about all those families and innocent workers on both Death Stars. Someone had to cook all their meals, clean their uniforms...and I'm sure they had their kids with them.
TELL US NOW. Power Rangers GRAGKED Mario L. says those teenagers with attitude are actually brutal as hell: A giant Megazord fights against a giant monster in the middle of the city, they destroy buildings. And at the end, everyone in the Juice Bar cracking jokes.
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