13 Fascinating Scientific Findings We Didn't Want You To Miss

Science doesn't sleep, but you do. That's okay; that doesn't mean you have to miss out on the latest scientific developments. Here are 13 research findings to help you seem worldly and well-read at your next Zoom meeting.


Video games might help with surgical skills training. CRACKED COM Although it doesn't replace first-hand experience, video games help practice motionsustraining in surgery.

Source: EurekAlert!


1 in 5 Americans didn't seek medical treatment they needed during the pandemic CRACKED COM And it's not surprising why: cost. Nearly 20% of Americans didn't receive needed medical care because they couldn't afford it.

Source: EurekAlert!


The gender gap in negotiation emerges in eight-year-olds Consistent with adult research, girls asked for less than boys when negotiating with a man, starting as early as eight-years-old.

Source: Science Dailiy


Becoming radicalized is often triggered by negative life events FKFO PROUD BOY CRACKED CON Friends and social groups can help prevent radicalization to extreme ideologies through intervention.

Source: EurekAlert!


Woolly mammoths and humans may have overlapped in New England WAN CRACKED.COM From a mammoth rib fragment found in ow-Vermont, scientists suspect humans and wolly mammoths may have both arrived to New England around 800 years ago.

Source: ScienceDaily


Human brains grow to have 3x as many neurons as chimps and apes CRACKEDOON Scientists recently discovered a key molecular switch that can make the difference in the growth.

Source: ScienceDaily


You walk slower with a partner. Your partner is probably holding you back, walking-wise. If you're holding hands, you walk even slower.

Source: Science Daily


Cephalopods have been around for 522 million years. New fossils indicate that cephalopods (whose modern descendants include squids and octopuses) may be 30 million years older than previously thought.

Source: Science Daily


Cyberbullies are more likely to have an internet addiction IDIOT! 50 LOSER O 66 HATE U !@#$%#@ 76 Being male, being more addicted to the internet, and spending more hours online all contribute to being more likely to be a cyberbully.

Source: Science Daily


Social interaction can help prevent sugar and cigarette cravings CRACKEDCO Well, at least it can in rats. Social isolation triggered sugar and nicotine cravings in rats, but the cravings were reversed when rats were able to hang out with their rat friends.

Source: ScienceDaily


Photosynthesis might be as old as life lyt oxygen carbon dioxide CRACKEDOOM The earliest bacteria on Earth had tools to perform an important part of photosynthesis, which may lead to a new understanding of the evolution of life.

Source: Science Daily


Tiger sharks are older than we previously thought CRACKED CON Scientists thought the sharks were 5.8 million years old but recently 13.8 million-year-old fossil teeth were identified.

Source: ScienceDaily


Some human brain cells increase activity after death CRACKEDG Scientists discovered glial cells in our brains grow for many hours after we die.

Source: ScienceDaily