Lumbergh is supposed to be the antithesis of cool, but how is that possible when he appeared on MTV and Saturday Night Live, years before Office Space takes place, when Peter and co. were still chugging cheap beers at state school??

David Herman is a bona fide heartbreaker.. CRACKED COM Jennifer Aniston said she was madly in love with him when they went to high school together, and Madonna once told Mike Judge There's something sexy about how angry he is.

Source: EW

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David Herman got fired from MADtv to appear in the movie. CRACKED COM He wasn't technically allowed to take the role while he was still a cast member, but he felt it was the right move for his career. So he loudly yelled all his lines at MADtv table reads until

Mike Judge based the film on a couple of god-awful jobs he-once-had.- He once spent 8 hour days alphabetizing purchase orders, which required just enough brain power that he wasn't able to daydream or hold a conversation. Also, those TPS reports haunted Judge IRL -- they're Test Program Sets from

This guy sued the studio. 88 CRACKED COM The Office Space Box of Flair was a special-edition DVD that came with a bunch of ...well, chotchkies. Actor Todd Duffey was featured on a button, and in the 32-page book, but they apparently didn't pay him for it. That's a great way

They had custom, state-less license plates made for all-the-cars. CRACKEDcO The location is purposefully left unsaid, SO that everyone can imagine it takes place in their town. HOWEVER, Peter's personnel file reveals his home address -. somewhere in lllinois.

The studio wanted Ron Livingston to be skinny as hell. Fox execs assigned him a 90's version of the Chris Pratt workout regimen leading up to his screen test. He spent a weekend jumping rope, and got about halfway through the fast they recommended.
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