15 Things That Made Actors Quit

You can't fire me, I quit!
15 Things That Made Actors Quit

In case you haven't noticed, people are weirdos. No matter where you go or what you do, there's always someone doing something strange. While some of these things may be amusing or downright hilarious, others can just be plain old weird. 

Everyone has heard about actors and actresses who have quit their high-profile Hollywood careers for seemingly no reason. Sometimes it's due to burnout, sometimes they want to focus on other things, and sometimes they just can't take the weirdo stuff anymore. Here are some of the weirder reasons actors quit their jobs...

1) They were asked to do something too disgusting: One actor was asked to simulate oral sex on a rat for a movie scene. Grossed out, he quit on the spot. 

2) They had a creepy encounter with a fan: Another actor recounted how a fan followed him home one night and broke into his house. The actor called the police but ultimately decided that Hollywood wasn't worth the risk.

Here are some of the weirdest things that have made actors quit their jobs. Can you believe some of these people actually worked in Hollywood?

Queen didn't want Freddy Mercury to look like Borat. BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY Sacha Baron Cohen reportedly looked incredible in costume, but surviving members of the band complained that he was a joke and became an arse.' Their vision was to have Mercury die halfway through the movie, and then focus
Winona Ryder had a fever. THE GODFATHER PART I V OO l883 CRACKED CON TO be fair, she'd already filmed Edward Scissorhands and two other feature films that year She was cast as Mary Corleone, but felt like absolute sh*t by the time it was time to start filming, and had
Kal Penn joined the Obama administration. HOUSE After campaigning for Obama, Penn was offered the role of Associate Director of the Office of Public Liaison. It's safe to say producers took it kind of hard: they had his character suddenly commit suicide with O explanation.
Christian Bale got a call from Steve Jobs' widow. STEVE JOBS CRACKED COM Bale was set to play Steve Jobs, but Laurene Powell Jobs was able to get in touch with him and plead her case: she and the family did not support this film. It's unclear whether she got through
James Purefoy couldn't? wouldn't? act with a mask on. V FOR VENDETTA NA Wearing a mask is this character's whole thing, but there are reports that Purefoy dropped out because he didn't like acting under a mask, or maybe resented not having his face on screen. They brought in
Buddy Ebsen's costume almost killed him. THE WIZARD OF OZ CRACKEDCO This movie did its absolute best to try and kill every actor in America. In Ebsen's case, his turn as the Tin Man came to an abrupt end when the aluminum dust he was wearing got into his lungs
Daniel Day-Lewis scared the sh*kt out of Kel O'Neill. THERE WILL BE BLOOD CRACKED.cO O'Neill signed on to play Paul's twin, but was reportedly -- completely freakedout by DDL'S method acting schtick. He quit, but instead of recasting, producers just had Paul Dano play both twins, which worked out pretty darn
Debra Winger didn't want to work with a famous person? A LEAGUE OF THEIR OWN As a Hollywood actor, that's a tough hill to die on. And yet: Winger quit A Leage of Their Own because she said Madonna's presence would invite a 'circus atmosphere.
Jean-Claude Van Damme thought the Predator should look more like him. PREDATOR CRACKED COM Before he was famous for doing a split between two moving trucks or whatever, he took the role of the titular Predator - apparently not realizing the costume would a) be extremely bulky and uncomfortable, and b) hide
John Travolta didn't want to learn new lines. THE DOUBLE CRACKED CO Travolta and Roman Polanski had been clashing for a while, and the ol' standby creative differences were invoked when explaining the ultimate falling-out. Specifically, Polanski brought a rewrite to set without running it by Travolta, who took his $17
Leo had to distance himself from Mel Gibson. BERSERKER CRACKEDCO After Gibson's unhinged, violent, racist voicemail went public, DiCaprio had no choice but to drop out of Berserker, which the two were slated to co-star in.
Greta Garbo was embarrassed into early retirement. TWO-FACED WOMAN CRACKED COM Garbo was a rising star, banking hit after hit for years, when this rom-com flopped hard in 1941. It should have been a temporary setback, since she was only 36 and had plenty of street cred, but the media was
Meghan Markle became royalty... temporarily. SUITS nset Okay, quitting Suits to marry Prince Harry was kind of a no-brainer. But who would have guessed that, 3 years later, she'd step down from her royal duties and surrender the use of Her Royal Highness styling?
3 strikes, and Sean Connery's out. THE LEAGUE OF EXTRAORDINARY GENTLEMEN Connery had 3 big misses at the tail end of his career: turning down Gandalf in the LOTR trilogy, turning down a (mystery) role in The Matrix, and then accepting a role in The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.
Richard Dreyfuss caught a whiff of his own mortality. SILVER CITY POSEIDON A month after silver City came out, he said I want to do something else. I'll only live once, and I am 10 years out of the hospital or retirement home, and promptly retired. He came back
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