19 Embarrassing Early Tech Logos

Before tech companies earn their first billion and gain the ability to undermine the very democracy on which our country was founded, they start humbly as a couple of nerds' vanity project that comes together between programming class and not-getting-invited-to-parties. It is in this crucial phase that the very important act of branding is initiated, with some truly horrifying results. 


2 NICKELODEON 1979 Nickelodeon NICKELODEON THEYOUNGIPEOPLESSATELLITENETWORK No, it's not just a made up word that one would shout after getting slimed; a nickelodeon machine is an old fashioned, coin-operated music player. You know, the thing children love!

Source: The 7 Most Ridiculous Rough Drafts of Famous Brand Logos


NOKIA B 1865 OSAKETHTIOS NOKIA NOKIA NOKIA AKTIEBOLN CRACKEDc The Nokia brand goes back 150 years, lasting almost as long as their cellphones. Although they started as a papermill, the logo features a rapidly dehydrating salmon which is probably a wonderful combination of smells.

Source: The Branding Journal


XEROX 1948 XEROX xerox ADEMARK OF THE HALOID COM CRACKED COM What kind of nerd designed this logo and didn't get the implication of three X's? Probably the kind of post World War ll, mid-20th century, upper New York office loser who would be using Xerox equipment.

Source: Business Insider 


NAUGHTY DOG 1989 NALITY DO NAUGHTY DOG WARES Before they settled on a more sensible and legible logo, Naughty Dog created this nightmare hound that is half Poochie from The Simpsons, half Chester the Cheetah, and all drawn-with-a-computer-mouse.

Source: Mishes


MICROSOFT 1975 MICRO Microsoft SOfT CRACKED COM Microsoft's original logo harkens to the technological heights of the mid 1970s; SO grab your bell bottoms, comb your mustache, and break out your 500 computing machine with 64 KB of memory.

Source: Cnet


IBM HAN B 1889 HR CRACKEDCO IBM was first known as the International Time Recording Company several decades before computers were to be invented, and we can't be too hard on a company that was in business during the first Grover Cleveland presidency; however I will say that it looks

Source: Alphr


MYSPACE 2003 myspace myspace a place for friends CRACKED CONM MySpace had a logo that used a simplified human shape to illustrate their personalized business, which is something they still use (yes they still exist). Wisely, they chose to get rid of the two, giant arrows that pointed at the crotch

Source: Think Marketing Magazine 


CANON 1934 camer Canon VinoN CRACKED COM The subject of the first Canon logo was Guanyin (pronounced Kannon) who is the Buddhist bodhisattva associated with compassion, but looking at the dark, flaming design it looks more like something you'd need the Super Shotgun to take down in Doom.

Source: The 7 Most Ridiculous Rough Drafts of Famous Brand Logos


HOTMAIL 1996 Hmul The Hotmail logo cleverly uppercases the H, T, M, and L to communicate to people in the 90's that, yes, this does involve magic. Un-cleverly, the graphic designers decided to tick the box for all text effects.

Source: Think Marketing Magazine 


EPIC GAMES 1991 EPIC Epic MegaGames The ee Nawe in Computer Enteertainmeene GAMES Epic MegaGames: The New Name in Computer Entertainment is a mouthful, and a moniker that means less the further they get from new. Maybe this was a good thing; it gave Epic an excuse to ditch

Source: The Mary Sue


GOOGLE 1995 Backrub Google BackRub was SO named because their algorithm counted backlinks which led to better search results. Their logo, ripped straight from the cover of a steamy romance novel you'd buy at an airport, shows Google co-founder Larry Page sensually stroking... the inside of a tabletop scanner.

Source: Vox


BLIZZARD 1994 BLZZARD Slcos & Syapse ENTERIAINMENT CRACKEDCO Blizzard first started out as Silicon & Synapse, referring to the components of microchips and brains. Their name and cool-guy brain logo, which looks like someone sucked the chocolate shell off a Peanut M&M, was replaced in '93 when silicon was more

Source: The Mary Sue


AMAZON 1997 amazon amazon.com Back when Amazon was just Earth's biggest bookstore, their logo was a blocky 'A' cut through by a river. The logo was deemed too bland and replaced, which is good because it conjures images of a rainforest being cut down, which is too on the

Source: Marketplace


BEST BUY B 1966 SOUND BEST OF MUSIC BUY. CRACKEDCO Sound of Music launched in 1966, but was rebranded to Best Buy in 1983 after a tornado demolished their biggest store, forcing them to sell off excess stock and offering best buys in the damaged store's parking lot. They would

Source: Business Insider 


FACEBOOK 2004 facebook thefacebookl CRACKED CO The Facebook, as it was known, was created in a college dorm, SO of course the logo had to borrow from images that hung from every 20 year old male's dorm room wall: Al Pacino, and The Matrix.

Source: The 7 Most Ridiculous Rough Drafts of Famous Brand Logos


TWITTER 2005 tttr CRACKED CON When it was first conceived in the podcasting company Odeo, Twitter (then spelled t-w-t-t-r) was a service to send quick texts to a small group of friends. The logo is supposed to represent nature, with green hues and drops of dew, but it just looks like

Source: 1000logos