24 of the Funniest Tweets from October 17, 2023

Whatever happened financially in October cannot happen again
24 of the Funniest Tweets from October 17, 2023

Despite regularly working alongside Hollywood greats like Luca Guadagnino, Greta Gerwig and Martin Scorsese, there are people who question Timothée Chalamet’s staying power, and the recent trailer for Wonka isn’t doing him any favors. While his support with the general public is wavering, some trusted power players in the industry have dispensed valuable career advice to the young actor. Leonardo DiCaprio once gave Chalamet two tips for maintaining a long career: “No hard drugs and no superhero movies.” As he’s successfully evaded the MCU, Chalamet has now shared another bit of advice he got from none other than Tom Cruise. As a part of his GQ cover story, Chalamet revealed that after wrapping up Dune, the Top Gun actor sent him a “war cry” of sorts. He recalled Cruise’s inspiring email, which included a list of stunt trainers to help him master the craft before going into Denis Villeneuve’s highly-anticipated sequel. With the way Hollywood is operating, there might just be a Mission: Impossible prequel in our future.

Meanwhile, Kathleen Turner recalled some advice that the late Suzanne Somers gave her in the form of a gift. After working on the John Waters cult classic Serial Mom together, Somers gifted Turner a signed ThighMaster. The gift wasn’t a slight at Turner’s appearance but rather a testament to Somers’ sense of humor. The actress told PEOPLE that she “laughed so hard” and that Somers had a gift of making everyone around her laugh, too.

The Three’s Company actress isn’t the only one with that gift either — the timeline very much has it too. Today’s funniest tweets include those about an injury straight out of Looney Tunes, a budget that would make Suze Orman proud and a Little Monster who needs a little psychiatric help. 

Eden Dranger @Eden_Eats . 19h before buying something online, ask yourself: do I want to get an email from this company for the rest of my life? 32 640 5,517 del 170K
nu metal slenderman @SPITK... 2h ... dont talk to me like this ever again 29m ago Stardust Cowabunga! You're ovulating, dude! 22 1,255 4,831 23.8K
LUCKY @CELE6RITY. 15h ... you're about to have a fun 2-3 months. stattu @donatellajade. 23h Mind you, he met me yesterday 11m ago really love you Reply Block 297 7,655 72.7K 3.3M
Pastrami Mommy @Ewelannawhite - 18h you let it linger?? when i explicitly told you not to??? 7 411 2,964 del 104K
andy™ @andylevy 1h ... this looks like a serbian mafia boss on a zoom call from a hospital bed instructing his henchmen to kill john wick the PAT 10.17.23 #PMSLIVE MCAFEE show ESPN TICKER Velcome the this to Aaron on Rodgers progrum Tuesday ~ ~ WARNING 7 50 318 del 20.4K
bunt chugley @fangfilet. 1d girl what kind of exorcism is this Syanidure #IWTV @Syanidure.2d Sometimes entertainment is just watching Ben Daniels french-kissing another DILF #TheExorcist GIF 213 95.3K 7,669 3.3M
@kvheraa 22h kyra ur first mistake was ordering chilaquiles at the same place u can get an iced matcha latte olympic fumbler @lesserwoman. dd y'all.....i'm mad as hell twitter.com/lesserwoman/st... 18.8K 17 1,519 782K
17h @pinkfr1day م و see how beautifully u age when u treat ur husband like shit eN xoNecole @xonecole 23h Jada Pinkett Smith hits the streets of NYC. Getty buff.ly/3PTrk1L 105 2,192 16.8K del 1.1M
half-pint. @pisstachiyo 20h Today 5:13 PM micaela 28 1:8:14 209:01 Today 6:26 PM mom Is that real?! micaela mom do u think it is real mom It is possible... 5 126 90.8K 3,012
@Notdojaaa 17h I know when this happened you was like YEEEOOOUCCHHH! Kelly @kellycucca.1d lol 525 12.5K 129K 6.5M
roro, PhD @fuglibetty. 5h ... thursday is the new friday. but, well, so is wednesday. and of course so is tuesday. all days are really fridays if you live with whimsy & a heart that is open to infinite possibility. and friday is the new saturday 160 1,584 49.8K
SLUG @generalslug 17h ever since i learned the eagle always faces forward is an official USPS slogan it's been a near-constant struggle not to mutter it like a cryptic greeting to every mail carrier i see 132 3,154 44.1K del 1.1M
chlobuchar @me_im_chloe. 18h ... first date idea i i list and describe all of my friends in extreme detail 26 2,893 18.3K del 591K
allure @allurequinn22h i think about this so often LIVE Following For You Weirdest things I did in psychosis 2644 comments x Liked by creator View replies (42) v ashleytosoni My friend thought she was lady Gaga for years! 4610 To this day when she changes her profile picture to lady Gaga it means she stopped taking her meds 2-22 Reply 65 2,888 51.6K 1.3M
Mike Townsend @townsendy... 20h ... Very cold in my flat. I wont be turning my heating on though. Duvet on the sofa, fleece over my jumper, hot water bottle in bed, I could go on. Big Heating has no idea the lengths I will go to keep my body warm before I give them a penny of my money. Im prepared to die for this. 15 131 2,520 del 162K
Kara @mylifeiskara 20h My budget for this week is 53 cents 263 24.9K 78.4K du 3.8M
WHEEL IS THE MORSE GOME? ringworm @prawn_meat.16h WHERE 14 cobblers probably thought their profession would never die out. people will wear shoes forever. true bitch but you did not account for other factors 25 272 5,611 182K
swag @chillextremist-19h Who gives a fuck is some of the best advice you can receive 12 3,452 19.2K 565K
horse dentist @equine_dentist-18h ... there is so much beauty in the world, you just have to know where to look 37 4,173 48.2K 990K
mel @melilbi 21h this is what it feels like to walk into a Ume disci bacc multipurpose high rise building cc From Blue Bay Network 2 170 1,796 71.9K
Beth McColl @imbethmccoll 18h I don't want to be nasty and I know everyone has different tastes but it should be a crime to make your house The Dentists Detroit's Builder 1d The difference 273 1,959 46.6K 2.9M
maundering yokel @anomicca 18h ... so much of this website is just people bringing a mentally ill person to your attention like a cat bringing you a dying lizard in its mouth. what do you want me to do with this homie. it's going in the garbage and I feel a little bad for it. you did get him though, that's true 13 1,217 8,286 263K
internet hall of fame @Inte... 13h ... SKH LO P LINE @shalaylaa Boy in the pub was telling me his job is every time a plane flys over Edinburgh ZOO the penguins can't take their eyes off it and end up falling over n he just goes round picking them back up, 38 penguins 2000 flights a day 384 8,013 154K 6.8M
alex @midsmoker34.20h Yeaa ill come over and carve pumpkins dude. I love getting the shitty pumpkin guts all over my hands and clothes. the disgusting texture is almost indescribable. Also could you hand me the knife that barely cuts through the pumpkin at all? Just wanna make sure it looks like shit 22 1,644 22.7K 875K
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