30 Fast Food Facts That Are, In Fact, Digestible

Relax, tummy. Our brains can digest these nuggets
30 Fast Food Facts That Are, In Fact, Digestible

Fast-food chains divvy up the globe like their own personal game of Risk. And they love walking that fine line between feeding us and poisoning us. But as long as they keep dropping these hilarious little fun facts along the way? All is forgiven. 

Read on — we promise your brain won’t be running to the bathroom after consuming these transfat-less tidbits.

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Subway 1965 *Petes SUBWAY Ril KITCHEN CRACKED.COM Fred DeLuca was 17-years-old when his family friend Dr. Peter Buck gave him a $1000 loan to open a sandwich shop to help fund his college. It was originally called Pete's Submarines.
Starbucks 1971 CRACKED.COM The three founders were college friends who were instructed how to roast by Peet's Coffee and Tea founder. The company's name was picked out from Moby Dick...it almost was named Pequod.
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