20 Trivia Tidbits That Really Skipped To Our Lou

20 Trivia Tidbits That Really Skipped To Our Lou


Thanks for the donuts, Adolph! After all, you're responsible for one of America's favorite pastries. The first doughnut machine was made in 1920 to meet the demand following WW1. Adolph Levitt, a Jewish refugee who came to America fleeing czarist Russia, designed the machine and began selling fried doughnuts from his Harlem bakery in New York City. You might also not know that Ford had a concept nuclear-powered car called the Nucleon in the 1950's. The vehicle was to be powered by a small nuclear reactor in the rear of the vehicle, based on the assumption that this would one day be possible Unfortunately, we've yet to perfect nuclear-powered cars (or shrink reactors enough to fit into them). The phrase “anything is a sex toy if you’re brave enough” has extra meaning in India where sex toys are illegal and their sale punishable by 2 years in prison. When a Canadian company tried to patent a vibrator ,the patent office said the obscenity law “has never engaged positively with the notion of sexual pleasure.” We can only hope that someday Indian authorities will join the rest of the world in the 21st century.

You can predict lightning strikes in the Catatumbo region of Venezuela.

There is a river basin in Venezuela that gets pounded by lightning strikes. The lighting can hit over 200 times per hour for up to 10 hours straight. It ос- curs more than 100 times a year and is predictable up to a few months in ad- vance. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW


Unilever knows what they are doing.

Dove and Axe are owned. by the same company, Unilever. Unilever One promotes female self-confidence by re-de- fining beauty while the other advertises itself us- ing highly sexualized imag- es of women. They're play- ing both sides so they al- ways come out on top. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW

US News

Wrigley’s gum was Wrigley’s soap first, and then baking powder.

Wrigley didn't start off selling gum, it was just an incentive to buy baking powder. WRIGLEY'S SPEARMINT THE PERFECT GUM TRADE MARKS REGISTERED FIVE STICKS Healthful-Refreshing-Delicious TORONTO Wm.Wrigley Jr. Company Limited. CANADA William Wrigley Jr. offered baking powder as an incen- tive to buy soap. The bak- ing powder proved to be more popular so he started selling it, offering gum as an incentive, which became even more popular. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW


The cuckoo bumblebee doesn’t collect pollen, it steals it.

The Cuckoo bumblebee has lost the ability to collect pollen and to rear their brood. Once a female has infiltrat- ed a host colony, she will kill/subdue the queen of that colony and forcibly enslave the workers of that colony to feed her and her developing young. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW


South Korea produced “space kimchi” for their astronaut.

The South Korean government produced kimchi that was safe for their astronaut to take onto the ISS. Top government research institutes spent millions of dollars and several years perfecting a version that would not turn dangerous when exposed to cosmic rays or other forms of radi- ation. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW

NY Times

Sliced bread was banned during WWII … for about two months.

The US banned sliced bread in 1943 for two months, until the public demanded its return. This was meant as a war- time conservation mea- sure, as sliced bread need- ed heavier wrapping to stay fresh. One housewife wrote to the NY Times ex- plaining pre-sliced bread kept her household sane. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW

NY times

Ships dump sea water containing invasive species all over the world.

Sea water released by large ships causes billions of dollars worth of economical damage. Large ships use seawater as ballast; the water con- tains all sorts of living or- ganisms which when re- leased, results in the spread of invasive species around the world. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW

Federal Register

A former VP ran for President in 1944 with a platform of equal wages.

Henry A. Wallace ran for President promising an equal wage for women and African-Americans in 1944. As a kid, he was taught farming by George Wash- ington Carver. Не was cheated by party politics despite being more pop- ular than any other candi- date at the time. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW


The first “Best Actor” winner was almost a dog.

Rin Tin Tin, a German shepherd, almost won the first Oscar for best actor. The Academy be- lieved that this new idea of handing out these Oscars could possibly be damaged by the first Best Actor being a dog. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW


Burt Reynolds had a stunt go wrong on ‘Deliverance.’

While shooting 'Deliverance' Burt Reynolds insisted on doing a stunt himself instead of a dummy. During the stunt, he got injured and his clothes came off. Waking up in hospital, he asked the di- rector what it looked like, who said, It looked like a dummy falling over a waterfall. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW


The translation of Gulag sounds like a building connected to a post office.

Gulag is actually an acronym. It means Glavnoye Upra- vleniye LAGerej, which translates to Main Ad- ministration of Corrective Labor Camps and Settle- ments. Gulag sounds a lot more menacing. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW

H Net

A scientist is responsible for clogging the arteries of every red blooded American.

Every waist-expanding fast food item we love is thanks to a food scientist named Tom Ryan. Не invented Jif Peanut Butter, Pizza Hut's dou- ble-stuffed pizza, the Mc- Griddle, McDonald's fruit & yogurt parfait, Smashburg- er, the Meat-lovers Pizza and McDonald's entire Dol- lar Menu. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW

First We Feast

The furthest picture of Earth by human hands is from 1972.

The Blue Marble is the only whole-earth photo taken by human hands. It was taken on December 7, 1972, from a distance of about 18,000 miles from the planet's surface. No one has since been far enough from earth to take a similar picture. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW


The phrase “anything is a sex toy if you’re brave enough” has extra meaning in India.

Sex toys are illegal in India, and their sale punishable by 2 years in prison. When a Canadian compa- ny tried to patent a vibra- tor, the patent office said the obscenity law has never engaged positively with the notion of sexual pleasure. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW


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