13 Fast-Food Restaurants Fascinating Origin Stories

What were fast-food chains before they were household names?
13 Fast-Food Restaurants Fascinating Origin Stories

Most fast-food joints are household names. Not only do we not give them a second thought, we can differentiate their tastes simply by saying their names. “Would you rather have a McDonald's burger, a Burger King burger, or Wendy's burger right at this very moment?” we ask, and you have an immediate preference. But aside from Burger King, none of those names are very intuitive. Their origin stories remain a mystery to most of us. 

It's not just the names, either: some of these places had some truly wild original menu items. Did you know Little Caesar's used to have hot dogs and fish? Oh, and not to spoil too much, but: Taco Bell is the funniest entry on this list.

Read on for the beginnings of 14 fast-food restaurants that might just inspire you to take a loan from your parents and start your own chain. Just like [REDACTED UNTIL YOU READ]:

Pizza Hut 1958 Brothers Frank and Dan Carney borrowed $600 from their mom to open a pizzeria. They came up with the name Pizza Hut because their sign only had room for 8 letters.

Source: NPR


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