20 of the Funniest Tweets from October 5, 2023

Oh, brother…
20 of the Funniest Tweets from October 5, 2023

Looks like Drew Barrymore is going to have to follow through on her misguided attempt to return to the air without writers. Despite the strike being over, the talk show host’s near scabbing left an indelible mark, and the three co-head writers of The Drew Barrymore Show have declined to return. Although no formal reason has been provided for their (in?)actions, it’s hard to blame them for not wanting to return to a place where they were undervalued and undermined. The show now has two weeks to hire new writers, as it’s still currently set to return on October 16th. 

Meanwhile, there’s been a windfall of Saturday Night Live news. The sketch comedy show is set to return for its 49th season on October 14th with musical guest Ice Spice and host Pete Davidson, the SNL alum who left the show in 2022. The following week, Bad Bunny is slated to take on double duty as host and musical guest. The show will also welcome New Jersey native Chloe Troast as the latest addition to the cast. After missing a bevy of hot topics thanks to their regularly scheduled summer hiatus and the writers’ strike, it’ll be interesting to see what subject the first cold open of the season tackles.

Over on Twitter, there’s been no brakes and everyone’s had their finger on the pulse in hilarious fashion. Today’s funny tweets include those about a grocery shopping hack, a FEMA alert from Forks, Washington and a question for Brian Griffin’s partners.   

Bones. @boneseyy 18h ... Family guy is so insane bc why were ppl dating that dog 120 2,700 28.7K 733K
twilight renaissance I fanpage 14h ... did anyone else get this alert? atwilightreborn National Alert ! Where the hell have you been loca? 31 4,792 23.7K 552K
Hassan @johnlennonyaoi.22h ... он MY GOD OF : RAPE 5314015 MIRRA RIOAN PLV BAN CCS 1 Rice artient Hassan @johnlennonyaoi.22h living alone is so cool cus you can just take bites of your cheese and no ое is gonna gaf 621 7,695 135K 5.9M
Differently Dave @GoldenVisio... 8h ... Hey girl are you the North of England, HDC because I want to promise you the greatest rail you've ever had and then immediately disappoint you. 50 2,295 18K 729K
Steven Castillo @STEEEZUSCHRIST. 6h ... Disney+ has all of your childhood classics, like Lion King, Toy Story and BIN LADEN'S HARD DRIVE TV-14 HD 5.1 2020 . 45m Documentary, Biographical Newly declassified hard drives provide an inside look at Osama bin Laden's personal life. PLAY + SUGGESTED DETAILS 62.8K 143 1,855 3
Hurt CoPain @SaeedDiCaprio - 6h I love when he changes things like removing headlines and it backfires on him For you Following And pudding person @JUNIPER.1 10h NEW SCOOP: evidence showing elon musk is a pedophile mounting quickly VIVA VIVA V TECHNOLO TECHI fortune.com 496 3,350 1M 33.4K Thor Benson @thor_benson•9h Wow 1971- 2023 cnn.com 64 2,923 43K 1.2M
scary sexy orphan @Beardynoise 19h Sorry to hear that your dad shut down his Onlyfans nightdaily.com Deepest Hole On Earth Was Permanently Sealed For An Unnerving Reason 9 36 144 5,756
7/11 Truther @DaveMcNamee3000.1 1h ... This woman monitors the panda like it's Jason Bourne 70 729 24.6K 6
2024 Lance Tedford TRD Pro Rubicon X 392 R... . 19h ... This looks like a fake show from 30 Rock Just Added ER SAVING THE GORILLAS: ELLEN'S NEXT ADVENTURE VAI HOM Brand Spotlight 141K 6,061 216 12
internet hall of fame @InternetH0F 20h Ron Iver @ronnui_ Microwaves have like 32 buttons but you only need about 4, including number buttons. Look me in the eye and tell me you use the 7 key. 847 3,708 86.4K 4.9M
clare @sadderlizards. 21h ... i feel like this guy 54 4,336 28.1K 1M
@LolOverruled . 55m Spooky Lolo ... COMMANDER INNOCENT BNO BNO News @BNONews. 17h NEWS Biden's dog Commander removed from the White House after series of biting incidents, spokeswoman says. Next steps being evaluated 13 57.6K 57 1,632
bailey moon @baileymoon96 • 21h boy do i have a tip that will reduce the cost even more @pollygotsole.2d Honey $67 4 proteins & fresh produce included. Y'all can't grocery shop. And y'all need to stop being lazy and COOK! - may Sample Kings N Special NATURAL RING MIX RMESA THE CUT - C&HER - USE CHEDDAR and IVE CHIPS DELLIN RED adidas BANNING TURKEY f JEAN AMSONS PAT Prime! de Chocolat mania SHIPS BESOCIET M - WELL DRA NONFAT GREEK YOGURT Coca-Cola SIT ى Ba PLAIN and GROUND 33 ٣٣ on SIMMS and SCUE N TEAT IVINO LOVEN WRAPS E HSPLA
Dr. meatball @meatballworld • 1d How are you 19 & into bdsm you didn't even TRY to be normal 107 1,825 22K 888K
Katherine Krueger @kath_krueger . 16h i i cannot emphasize enough how, if i came into possession of The One Ring, i would not fall prey to its evil power.i would use it for good and have no issues 58 366 4,988 184K
jaida @ghstprincss.1 18h ... the lambs: Z SOON @biggsteppaz. 18h IM BEING SILENCED! 67 12.9K 68K 2.7M
Simply TC @Bien... 19h ... Proud of you. But also there is another very interesting way to read this MonsterKing @CerromeR... 20h Got my Bi-Polar hoodie today Bi 226 2,936 56.2K 3M
Joseph Earp @Joseph_0_Earp 15h ... You don't see skeletons playing their ribs like xylophones much these days. Because of woke 14 836 5,144 del 150K
Corey Jacob @coreytimes 18h ... Finished the (1) roll of toilet paper in my airbnb and asked the host where I could find extra and he said the supermarket CC From Cara Melle Stan 527 6,852 138K 8.6M
Jose @Glick_Owens 21h The hate in my heart OneWay @StayDownO... 1d What preworkout y'all be using ? 28 3,103 7,961 del 662K
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