15 Crazy Things Flight Attendants Have Witnessed on the Job

‘The Twilight Zone’ has nothing on these wild scenes that flight attendants have had to deal with
15 Crazy Things Flight Attendants Have Witnessed on the Job

Flight attendants are probably the closest thing we’ll ever get to angels. From high above the heavens, they protect us by letting us know where the closest exit doors are in the event of an emergency landing and ply us with as much lukewarm ginger ale and Biscoff cookies as we can stomach. 

But their job isn’t always on cruise control, as they have to be ready to deal with all kinds of aerial oddities at a moment’s notice — lest we forget the tale of the woman who saw some unreal paranormal activity aboard an American Airlines flight a few months back. To that end, the flight attendants of Reddit have shared their wildest experiences in the sky that go far beyond busting a couple trying to join the Mile High Club

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 7y ... Had a guy in first class on an international flight strip down naked in his sleep, walk down the aisle and fail at getting into the bathroom. I grabbed a blanket and ushered him back into his seat where he woke up and asked where his cloths went! Не had had a lot of wine and later i found out he mixed it with sleeping pills. Wine and sleeping pills make for good stories. 48 Reply
 7y ... I once saw David Spade change into a business suit in 2 seconds in a Jetliner bathroom. 442 Reply
choochooviolet . 7y Most bizarre things I have ever encountered; while on transit in one domestic port, I had to clean the seat pockets of a few rows. I reached into one and came out with a bloody sanitary pad. My reflex was to flung it straight to the aisle (it was a middle seat) and scream out of shock. My other colleagues thought I was losing my mind but when they realised there's a bloody pad in the middle of the aisle, they were all screaming in disgust as well. Hilarious and traumatised at the same time.
Midonyah . 7 7y ... Checking the cabin after all the passengers left. Somebody forgot his leg.
FLGulf . . 7y I found a pork chop covered in fur in the lavatory. ... 756
tameflyaway..7y One lady was full-on screaming at me because I wouldn't let her into the crew rest area, insisting that I let her use the non-existent crew only lavatory. And there was the passenger who took a sleeping pill, sleepwalked (?) and peed on another passenger. ... 992
 7y ... My mom who is a flight attendant just told me this story on her trip where a women went into the bathroom and forgot to lock the door. Now you have to remember just how small and crammed these bathrooms on planes are, so anyway, a man then went up to the bathroom and thinking it was empty, opened the door and stepped inside. Now upon stepping inside he immediately saw her and tried to quickly move back out-except he had unknowingly stepped into her pants and hooked his foot in them-so when he jumped back out
maniacal_paradox. 6y One time a guy tried to bribe me with 20 USD to smoke on the plane. I said no, obviously, and kept a close eye on him the entire flight. ... 7
Gregarious_Raconteur . 6y I was a flight attendant for delta back in the '80s. Once I noticed that a passenger had unusually shaped packages strapped to his chest. I told one of my fellow flight attendants, who correctly deduced that he was probably a drug mule. We alerted the pilot, who contacted the DEA to be ready for when we landed. After we landed, the gentleman seemed to realize that something was off. Не bolted and locked himself into the plane's bathroom. The DEA came aboard, but after they busted into the bathroom, he was just sitting there with his pants
likeliqor . 6 6y Girlfriend's mom was a flight attendant. Someone once tried to ask her(FA) to change her(guest) baby's diaper. ... 209
boatloadoffunk . 6y Girlfriend was a flight attendant. She found a heavy set Creole lady dropping a duce with the lav door wide open. When GF attempted to correct the situation, she was received with a lot of shouting not in English. When deboarding the plane, her son clarified the woman placed a curse on her.
packersfan333 . 6 6y I am in airline pilot and I flew up in Alaska for just about three years. I was doing one of my usual routes, Fairbanks to barter island AK. One of my passengers left their muktuk on the plane while we had about a four hour lay over... we had the ground crew put a heater in the cabin to keep the flight instruments warm... Well little did we know it heated up the muktuk as well. It smelled a lot like garbage and rotting flesh. I kept my oxygen mask on the entire flight back to Fairbanks...
maniacal_paradox . 6 6y A turd. A giant turd in a nest of tissues and kicked into a corner by one of the aircraft doors. This was like 20 minutes into the flight. ... 418
vause9. 6y A passenger jacked off into the sick bag of the woman seated next to him while she was in the bathroom. She went to put trash in it later and got jizz on her hand. Was NOT impressed. ... 352
modelgado . 6y A woman died during a flight, and her daughter was totally fine about it. She had her mom's head in her lap and was stroking her hair. Asked if the mom was okay and the woman was just like Oh no, she's passed on. Alrighty then... ... 2.7k
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