Belligerent Man Reportedly Recreated 'Wolf of Wall Street' Scene On Frontier Flight, Allegedly Harassing Flight Attendants And Screaming About His Rich Parents


In what is easily one small step for ex-FiDi bro and notable ower of $97 million to the U.S. government, Jordan Belfort, and one giant leap for his proverbial disciples – Belfort-kind – 22-year-old Maxwell Berry went viral for all the wrong reasons earlier this week after inadvertently recreating one of The Wolf of Wall Street's most alarming scenes, getting duct-taped to his airplane seat after allegedly groping and punching members of the cabin crew while flying from Philadelphia to Miami. 

Just like Belfort, who according to his Scorsese-directed, biopic allegedly groped a horrified stewerdess while boarding a flight to Switzerland, Berry's time terrorizing the friendly skies began similarly, as detailed in the arrest report. While aborad the Frontier Airlines flight, the Ohioan ordered two drinks from a crew member before reportedly using his cup as a means of brushing her “back side inappropriately," after which the flight attendant reportedly told him “don’t touch me." Although he initially heeded her warning, he allegedly proceeded to grope another woman working aboard, who similarly told him off, before he ultimately "…put his arms around both of them and groped their breasts again.” Ew. 

Evidently unable to act like a normal, non-creepy person, Berry was so out of control that crew members allegedly “had to tape him down to the seat and tie him with a seat-belt extender for the remaining flight" in an attempt to subdue him and his alleged wandering hands, per the Washington Post.  

Yet unlike Belfort, who managed to use his clout to sneak through customs without prompting an international incident, the passenger was not so ric – lucky.  Although he was arrested upon his arrival in South Florida on Sunday morning on three counts of battery, it seems the Ohioan did not go down without a fight, proceeding to throw a now-viral tantrum, informing the entire plane that his family is somewhat well-off. “My parents are worth more than … 2 million … dollars,” he said, prompting snickers from his fellow passengers. “You know what, you … suck.”

Despite Berry's belligerent behavior, it seems Frontier is equally concerned with the crew member's response, the airline stating that “the flight attendants will be, as required in such circumstances, relieved of flying pending completion of an investigation."

So, folks, if his time in jail wasn't enough to convey this message, maybe avoid acting like Jordan Belfort.

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