Carrot Top Was on the Flight with the Woman Who Went Viral for Freaking Out Over Imaginary Passenger

Carrot Top Was on the Flight with the Woman Who Went Viral for Freaking Out Over Imaginary Passenger

Back in 2000, Alex Browning boarded Flight 180 to Paris with the rest of his senior class, only to have the trajectory of his life upended by a premonition of a midair explosion becoming reality. On Sunday, an American Airlines flight set to travel from Dallas-Fort Worth to Orlando witnessed a similar freakout, but without any of the events of Final Destination unfolding thereafter. If anything, the aftermath was much, much stranger.

In a viral TikTok, a disgruntled passenger makes her way from the rear of the cabin with a very impassioned warning to her fellow travelers: “I’m telling you I’m getting the fuck off, and there’s a reason I’m getting the fuck off. Everyone can either believe it, or they can not believe it.” She continues her tirade by pointing at the back of the plane and shouting, “I don’t give two fucks, but I am telling you right now — that motherfucker back there is not real. And you can sit on this plane, and you can fucking die with him or not. I’m not going to.”


She got one thing right: The motherfucker was, in fact, not real. As she pointed to the back of the plane, everyone on board saw that there was indeed no one back there. She was eventually escorted off the plane and apprehended for mental evaluation, with the rest of the flight being deplaned and delayed for three hours as the crew investigated the women’s concerns.

While the imaginary passenger wasn’t there, someone even more surprising was present: Carrot Top. Red hair and boots on the ground, the 58-year-old comedian offered insight on the ordeal in two separate videos. In the first, during the three-hour delay, Carrot Top shared the reason for the freakout — a lost earbud. Or as he lamented, “I hope she’s happy!!! We’re all stuck in Dallas now because of her.”

Additional context came in the second video filmed post-flight, where Carrot Top doubled-down on calling the woman a “fucking nutjob” and seemingly believing that the breakdown was a stunt. The video also featured Carrot Top sending his appreciation to the American Airlines crew in an oddly horny fashion. “My hat’s off to everyone at American Airlines today for how they handled the situation,” he praised, shirtless, in bed, and under a redlight. 

As we await further updates surrounding the bizarre incident, we can’t help but wonder: What would have happened if Mark “I Would Have Prevented 9/11” Wahlberg had been on this flight?

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