23 of the Funniest Tweets from September 14, 2023

Leave Pikachu out of this!
23 of the Funniest Tweets from September 14, 2023

He’s baaack! 

After making waves professing his love for cancel-free Texas and criticizing the demands of the writers on strike, Bill Maher is gearing up to return to the Real Time set — all without his “kooky” writers. Maher masqueraded his scab move by obscuring it as a favor to his crew members. The late-night host tweeted, “Despite some assistance from me, much of the staff is struggling mightily. We all were hopeful this would come to an end after Labor Day, but that day has come and gone, and there still seems to be nothing happening. I love my writers, I am one of them, but I’m not prepared to lose an entire year and see so many below-the-line people suffer so much.” 

Maher insists that he’s maintaining the “spirit of the strike” by omitting the “written pieces that (he) is so proud of on Real Time” including the monologues, desk pieces and “New Rules” segment. But the WGA is rightfully arguing that it’s “difficult to imagine how Real Time with Bill Maher can go forward without a violation of WGA strike rules taking place.” As with other productions forgoing solidarity, the WGA has announced plans to picket Real Time.

In other monster-related news, there’s a new one in town: a hormone monstress. A trailer drop today revealed that rapper Megan Rhee Stallion has joined the ranks of Nick Kroll’s Emmy-winning series Big Mouth, the next season of which is set to premiere on Netflix on October 20th. This season of the streamer’s raunchy animated hit will also include Lupita Nyong’o, Randall Park, Chloe Fineman, Zach Galifianakis and an original song from lip-biting, broadway hit-maker Lin-Manuel Miranda

Meanwhile, today’s tweets got some monstrous laughs out of us. This fresh batch includes a woman with a divine reason for not working, peak divorced dad energy and a driver with nothing to lose.

claire @prettytheyswag• 17h i have love in my heart, lust in my eyes, & autism in my mind 9 768 3,440 del 116K
Cait @CaitCamelia·2 22h dating for love isn't working. now i'm dating to conduct psychological experiments and collect data 85 43K 1.4M 8,614
depths of wikipedia @depths... 15h ... WIKIPEDIA The Time MacGyver the Lizard From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Species Argentine red tegu MacGyver the Lizard (hatched July 4, 2012) is an Argentine red tegu lizard and Internet celebrity known for his intelligence,  25 671 6,989 del 240K
Burgundy and Sold @Deion_SL... 16h ... If they had the ice salt stains on em you knew she was veteran Pattagold @everytim... . 1d Ное ass boots 126 2,780 11.9K 967K
carl marks @whoreby_parker 18h ... the most insane woman you know has a normie 9-5 desk job 34 1,396 7,781 372K
lea chin-sang @bigfatmooseps...- .9h ... i should have died that day lea chin-sang @bigfatmoosepssy .3d bitches call me George because I'm curious:) Readers added context they thought people might want to know There is no history of anybody referring to this user as  George. 1 43 4,512 41.1K 567K
molly mary o'brien @missmolly... 8h ... my job? nfl team graphic designer. my mission? to make a bird look as mean as possible 17 153 2,445 59.8K
chuck @charlubby·1 19h saw a toddler smacking his sibling and his mum said you know what? you've been like this ever since you started watching pokemon again. so let's put 2+2 together and the toddler screaming it's NOT because of pokemon!!! 118 4,658 111K 4.8M
clare @sadderlizards - 2 20h ... can i get a pic with your loincloth pulled to the side goddess 4 655 5,142 du 194K
II zag II @utenafication - 1d Me and my friends wouldve beat ken with sticks ill tell you that Noah @FuriousNoah_ . 2d say something bad about this movie She's everything. He's just Ken. 23 107 4,349
Louis Peitzman @LouisPeitzman 21h Obsessed that Samara Weaving is right behind her, in case anything happens. 4F DiscussingFilm @DiscussingFilm - 21h Margot Robbie has joined the SAG/WGA picket lines UN KE SAG-AFTRA® OF STRIKE SAG FTRA. WRITERS GUILD ON UT E STRIKE SAG-AFTRA II STREET KE! ON STRIK AL STRIKE! TR SAG SAG AFTRA RA ONS ON AU PO STRONG STRI ON STRIKE TRIKE! WGAN AF TRA RIK of IKE! RATERS the AG·A O RI I A AO SAG-AFTRA. ON SRIKE! 92 2,370 37.3K 2.9M
annamarie forcino @ann_forcino 20h ... me talking to my best friend in the middle of olive garden BOTOX SEX TOYS ORAL SEX BRAZILIAN WAXES JUICY GIRL CHAT 168 6,367 57.4K 2.2M
gaut @0xgaut 1d ... i hope this email finds you well how this email finds me: 49 629 4,257 340K
Hurt CoPain @SaeedDiCaprio 2h you could've told me this notification is from an adult entertainment app involved in trafficking and I would've believed u 2:30 -0:00 X now keep spicy likes private by hiding your X likes tab available to Premium subscribers... X X @X 3h keep spicy likes private by hiding your 9:14 Profile customization likes tab available to Premium subscribers... 160 2,500 27K 1M
Mollie Goodfellow @hansmollman . 9h ... We do know They don't know I want to live forever You're in the papers every day 7 110 1,658 74.2K
@northstardoll.3h ... When I start yearning for a relationship but then I remember it would cut into my daily minimum of 8 hours alone time + 32.4K ... 75 10 1,013 7,474 206K
eleanor @dimestorepaglia 15h (trying to sound like i read books) for whom the bell...jars 2 460 3,429 69.4K
400lbs of beyond beef in a 2... 19h ... do NOT honk at me! My life is WORTHLESS I will KILL US both An Sale Cenvent IN 10004 DRIVEN2DRIVE 00 LINE 12 1,507 7,371 224K
RAISE APPLEBEE'S HELL NMOO PRAISE NUNS DALE Kristi Yamaguccimane @The... 12h ... A few years ago my wife told me this is what she grew up calling chicken and waffles in Pennsylvania and I got so mad I had to go sit in my boat in the driveway for half an hour Witty's Wordsmiths @The... . 13h .@TheWapplehouse just got REAL chicken and waffles when I went out to eat. 189 283 4,851 396K
Female Riddler @horn... 16h ... Guys will see this and just think Hell Yeah 8 138 1,486 15.4K 589K
ellory smith @ellorysmith 15h ... When I make a typo in the group chat and my friends use that misspelling as slang for the next six years Selena Gomez Source @Go... . 1d Selena Gomez reacts to posts/ memes about her from the #VMAs via her Instagram story selenagomez 8m ... X I will never be a meme again. I'd rather sit still than be dragged for being myself. Much love 102 5,429 62.4K 3.7M
austin @ilovefamilyguy 11h My neighbor is goin crazy DIVORCED JACKPOT wild AE MISSION COMPLETI Ilm free DONE NONE 6 323 3,915 75.6K
maddi !! @urmanicpixiegf-19h r/Marriage u/Phornax7. 1h My wife says god told her not to get a job Vent 24 1,780 10.7K 357K
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