Game show producers bank on the audience’s connection with a contestant, and in these cases, they struck gold. Because, while curled up with a bowl of ice cream in the evening, or with a bowl of chicken noodle soup while home sick in the afternoon, we all like to picture ourselves up there on that stage, winning big and/or being adored by the masses. What else is there on this floating wet rock? Nothing!

Whether they won or lost, all it took was one solid game show appearance to win our hearts. And, because we got to watch the greats at work, we now know the recipes for game show heroism. You can either play the game at the highest possible level (or the lowest possible level), you can luck out with some completely unforeseen circumstance, or just be as funny and lovable as a professional comedian. Easy! Because hey, if these 13 game show heroes can get it done, then by golly so can we!

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This contestant’s impeccable sense of humor.

A contestant in a wheelchair won a treadmill. The Price is Right In 2015, after wheelchair-bound Danielle Perez won a treadmill, she said, It's hilarious. It's so funny. I have no feet, I'm in a wheelchair, I can appreciate the delicious irony that is being gifted something I have absolutely no use for. CRACKED


That’s just evolution right there.

One contestant really amped up Let's Make a Deal. At first, audience members wore regular clothing, but a few weeks into the series, a woman brought the sign Roses are Red, Violets are Blue, I came here to deal with you to get Monty Hall's attention. It worked, so more people began bringing signs, then wacky hats, then full costumes. CRACKED


This man truly pressed his luck on Press Your Luck.

Michael Larson cracked the code on Press Your Luck. 1000 ONE DE France 500 + OSE SPIX DANSMES $2500 Using the pause button on his VCR, he memorized the random patterns, and could stop the board exactly where he wanted. Не played 35 consecutive times without hitting a Whammy, and won over $110,000 in cash and prizes. CBS decided that it was not cheating, and let him keep his winnings. CRACKED


Any time people can have a good time on Jeopardy!, we’re game!

Leonard Cooper's hilarious answer on Jeopardy! WHO is In 2013's Teen Tournament, Leonard Cooper didn't know the Final Jeopardy answer, but had a healthy enough lead to have some fun. Не wrote, Who is some guy in Normandy but I just won $75,000? CRACKED


Even more astonishing, we didn’t hate him for it. Good on ya, Ken.

Ken Jennings' record-setting run on Jeopardy! SMA THINK His 74-game winning streak lasted from June through November of 2004, and he became a household name. The streak netted him $2,520,700. CRACKED

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If this was on his reel, we know how he booked Breaking Bad.

Aaron Paul was hilarious on The Price is Right. In 1999, a lovable ball of energy stormed down to contestant's row, called Bob Barker his idol, and had the audience in hysterics. Не got to the showcase showdown but lost when his bid was only $132 over the retail price. CRACKED


Why does Steve act so shocked at spicy answers that he clearly sets them up for?

The naked grandma on Family Feud. When asked for something a burglar wouldn't want to see upon entering a house, Rod Wyndham enthusiastically screamed naked grandma! The craziest part was that it counted as an occupant, and it's now on every list of Best Family Feud Moments. CRACKED

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Under pressure.

Orange is the new Yellow. Family Feud There have been a million terrible answers on the show, but Joanne's is just the best of the worst. When asked to name a yellow fruit, she confidently yells orange before immediately squirming in embarrassment. CRACKED

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