24 Underrated Actors That Deserve More Work

Even Dwayne Johnson needs a vacation sometimes.
24 Underrated Actors That Deserve More Work

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Hollywood seems to love picking one or two actors and giving them all the work. The thing is, there's so much entertainment now that there's literally no reason to keep using the same actors for every role anymore. And there are so many deserving actors our readers would like to see show up in more movies and shows.

Actors like...

Dale Dickey CRACKEDc COM is a badass. You know her from My Name Is Earl, Breaking Bad, Iron Man 3, and the critically acclaimed Winter's Bone. She has
Hilary Swank scored two Best Actress Oscars and two Best Actress Golden Globes by the time she was 25. So why haven't we seen her in any major motion
CRACKEDCON When I say that Ray Liotta is one of the cinema icons, many heads nod in agreement. Yet, it seems that he doesn't get many opportunities la
Jere Burns can basically play any role: a grieving father, an intimidating villain, a creepy motel guest, a bumbling detective, etc. Hollywood should
CRACKED COM Tatiana Maslany has the ability to become any character on a whim. Just look at her performance in Orphan Black. Note: These are all portr
William Fichtner is a wonderful character actor who should be getting more roles. He is usually cast in secondary parts of movies and tv shows, but he
What happened to Sean Bean? Not only does he have a cool name, Bean proved himself to be an amazing actor in the first two Lord of the Rings movies. T
I haven't seen Maya Rudolph doing major roles ever since she played in Bridesmaids. 00 H IL She's a really good actor with a great sense of humor and
AFTER MAD MEN, JON HAMM HAS ONLY APPEARED IN A HANDFUL OF ROLES. He has won Best Actor awards, and has a commanding on-screen presence. He rightfully
Billie Lourd stole the show in Ihe hilarious Booksmart. she is also the daughtep of carrie Fisher and granddaughtep Of Debbie Reynolds. It'S lime to s
MICHAEL WINCOTT chilled audiences in films liks THE CROW. Yet despite his talent and great presence, he just hasn't done much lately, save for some sm
Treatment for rheumatoid arthritis in the 1990s significantly altered Kathleen Turner's appearance, which led to her being cast in fewer roles compare
Whatever happened to ROBIN SHOU? He's likeable. Charismatic. A talented martial-artist. And he starred in several '90s classics, like MORTAL KOMBAT. H
CRACKEDC COM Rahul Kohli is probably best known as Ravi, a secondary character on iZombie. But it's a role where he gets to show just how versatile of
CLIFTON COLLINS JR. has gotten rave reviews and earned much respect for the roles he's played. But he's often cast in supporting parts in smaller film
In the 1990s, nobody could hold a candle to Fairuza Baulk when she went all out in movies like The Craft and American History X. I would have loved to
Jennifer Connelly's performance inall time favourite movies sucha Requiem for a Dream and ABeautifull Mind were exceptional. She evenwon some ofthe mo
JOHN HANNAH is perhaps most well-known for his role as the loveable Jonathan from 1999's THE MUMMY and its two sequels. While he's still in movies a
Hannibal Buress CRACKEDco is one of the funniest comedians today. Buress is working steadily doing stand-up, but it would be great to see what he woul
CRACKEDco While Jon Bernthal may not be the prettiest, he is definitely one ofthose who leaves a strong mark wherever they land. With his performances
KEVIN J. O'CONNOR has proven himself to be a talented and very likeable character-actor. From DEEP RISING to THERE WILL BE BLOOD, he's just about done
JOHN LEGUIZAMO A reliable (and Emmy-winning) multi-genre Film, TV and Voice actor in Hollywood for 25+ years. Primarily cast in supporting and ensembl
CRacKED.com French Stewart has more range than Hollywood gives him credit for. He acted in over a hundred movies, shows, and plays and stacked up plen
CHRISTINA RICCI got her start as a child actor, and then transitioned into a successful career as an adult for a while. But you never really hear abou
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