13 Succulent Bits Of Trivia Presented To Us By A Snake Who Seems To Have Our Best Interest In Mind

13 Succulent Bits Of Trivia Presented To Us By A Snake Who Seems To Have Our Best Interest In Mind

Ah, trivia. The bread and butter of the inquisitive mind. The sweet nectar of knowledge that we all love to indulge in. Whether you're a trivia buff or simply looking to expand your knowledge, this list is sure to tantalize your taste-buds.

We'll explore the incredible journeys of the monarch butterfly, the implications of a common virus, and the wild transformations of an actor. We'll also look at the health of those who are mostly healthy - except for those who are extremely obese. And of course, we'll learn about the first computer virus, the Cuban cigar embargo, and a Disney controversy. Finally, we'll discover the 72-year-long soap opera, the Russian hacker who saved over 100,000 routers, and much more.

So, take a deep breath, grab a cup of coffee, and get ready to be amazed by these pieces of trivia. From the mundane to the extraordinary, this list has it all.

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Monarch: long-distance traveler.

CRACKED THE MONARCH BUTTERFLY: 2,500 MILES OF FLAPPING. The monarch butterfly is famous for its yearly trip of 2,500 miles across North and South America. Disappointingly, it's now on the endangered species list.


Fit but unhealthy?

CRACKED FIT BUT UNHEALTHY - GO FIGURE. A lot of professional athletes have a Body Mass Index that would be considered unhealthy, even though they are actually really fit and healthy. That's because the BMI treats fat and muscle tissue as the same thing. UعA


Slowing speech: early warning of Parkinson's.

CRACKED MUHAMMAD ALI'S SPEECH SLOWED DOWN, BUT HIS DIAGNOSIS DIDN'T COME UNTIL LATER. His speech got 26% slower between when he was 26 and when he was 39. This could have been a warning sign of Parkinson's before he was officially diagnosed in 1984.

CBS / WaPo 

"Black Names" in White Classrooms: Dr. Marijuana Pepsi Vandyck Knows.

CRACKED MARIJUANA PEPSI VANDYCK FOUGHT YEARS OF BULLYING TO EARN HER PH.D. A woman named Marijuana Pepsi Vandyck completed her Ph.D. in higher education leadership from Cardinal Stritch University in Wisconsin in 2019. She went through years of bullying, but refused to change her name.

NPR / The Hill 

Russian hacker "Alexey" saves the day.

CRACKED A RUSSIAN HACKER, FIXED UP OVER 100,000 ROUTERS -- JUST BECAUSE. More than 100,000 routers were strengthened in 2018 by a hacker who speaks Russian and goes by the name of Alexey - he fixed their vulnerabilities, preventing other hackers from gaining access to them. I I I i 010101 mg !!!


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