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5 Notes Left On An Anti-Capitalist Bulletin Board

Welcome to our more perfect society.


7 People Who Took Justice Into Their Own (Insane) Hands

Real-life vigilantes are usually less like The Punisher and more like those two drunken Australians who foiled the robbery of a fast food joint by clumsily flailing after the bad guys with their fists.


7 Ways To Know It's Time To Break Up With Your Job

Sure, your job would never physically put you in harm's way, but that doesn't mean it isn't abusing you in other ways.


7 Insane Movie Scenes That Are Shockingly Common In Reality

If you find yourself being arrested for armed robbery, you can always blame it on someone else who was wearing a mask of your face.


8 Real-Life Horror Monsters Walking The Earth Right Now

Bears are absolutely adorable when they're stuffed or named Paddington. In the real world, not so much.


5 Things Only Helicopter Pilots Know About The World

Don't act like you never wanted to know what it's like to fly giant hunks of metal powered by spinning knives.


Horrifying Things Caused By Shockingly Naive Charities

Some of the most charitable gestures went straight to the crapper after folks overlooked some pretty glaring problems right from the jump.


5 Amazing Counter-Cultures You've Never Heard Of

Nothing sticks it to the man better than wearing expensive clothes before ceremoniously setting them on fire.


5 Things Only Meteorologists Know About Weather Reports

We talked to a meteorologist, David, to learn how he predicts the weather. There's a 75 percent chance that everything he told us is accurate.


5 Awesome Products That Seem Horrible Thanks To Their Ads

No one wants to spend that much time in a car with the same person. There's just no way.


Why Batman v. Superman Is The Most Cynical Movie Ever

Note: I'm about to spoil absolutely everything that happens in this movie.


5 Evil Species Of Flies You Don't (Want To) Know Exist

Maybe be a little wary the next time you go to swat a fly.


5 Obvious Marketing Lies We're All Weirdly Cool With

At some point, ad companies realized that they could get away with literally whatever they want.


7 Famous Characters Whose Iconic Design Was A Total Mistake

One little typo in your code, and suddenly your pigs are giant green penis monsters.


I Hadn't Gone Through Puberty In My 20s: 6 Hellish Realities

If you really hated your adolescence, you might be interested to learn that there's a developmental disorder that prevents people from going through puberty at all.