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Time To Face The Hard Truth: Parties Suck As You Get Older

I don't know if you've noticed, but as you grow up, parties get less fun.


5 Ways The MRA Indoctrinates New Members With Cult Tactics

The Red Pill's existence is like a studded butt plug that everyone has to share. So how exactly is it a cult?


The Insane Follow-Ups To 5 People Who Memed Into Our Hearts

Because the life expectancy of a meme is about half that of a mayfly, most people don't bother following up on your story.


17 Things I Have Literally Done To Make A Child Go To Sleep

Please, no more book reading.


4 Ways Trump Outrages Liberals (Obama Got S**t For, Too)

News cycle? More like news CIRCLE. (Get it? Hello?)


The One Thing That MIGHT Be Able To Kill Fake News

Fake news is homemade and entrepreneurial. It might as well be sold on Etsy.


5 Terrifying Truths About The Crappy Lock On Your Front Door

We sat down with people whose main expertise is to get inside any of our homes or cars at any time. We were not put at ease.


6 Bedtime Stories In History Creepier Than Our Horror Films

History's forgotten children's books prove that at the end of the day, a lot of people want to either scare kids to death or see pictures of dead and dying children in literature.


5 Absurd As Seen On TV Products (That Are Secretly Useful)

Some products aren't really designed stupidly -- sometimes they're simply victims of user error.


Most People You Can Handle, These 5 People Are Why You Drink

Whether it's a good thing or a bad thing that you can only handle these people whilst three-sheets to the wind is another conversation altogether.


5 Little-Known Ways You Suck At Owning A Car

A car is like a romantic partner: If you go too long without one, people think you're weird, but once you get one, it sucks up all your cash and will possibly murder you on a dirt road on a moonless August night.


4 Impending Panics From The Past (And What Came Of Them)

Once we've collectively overdosed on panic, we just move on like it never happened, never mentioning the problem again. But did it go away on its own? Did we solve it?


6 Surprising Things You Learn In The Alt-Right Media Bubble

The first step toward solving any problem is understanding it, so I spent a month digging into the alt-right bubble, and think it's time to get a few things straight.


5 Realities Of Reporting The News In A Brutal Dictatorship

'Luis' is a journalist in Venezuela, and he risked his life to bring you the stories of other journalists he knows who've risked their</i> lives reporting the truth in


6 Big Differences That Turn City Dwellers Into Liberals

If you aren't a liberal when you get to the big city, you might be before the year is up.