Yes, life is full of weirdness. But this stuff takes it to the next level. And the next level is our destination for you, because that's where you belong.

 Not that you couldn't get there yourself but stopping in here and learning about the Excel World Championship (naturally sponsored by Microsoft), how a 48 year-old woman lived as her 22 year-old daughter and how Toyota wants to treat unlocking your car as a subscription service.

Sorry about that last one: it's ridiculous AND a bummer. But we bet you can get some (ahem) mileage out of it in conversation. Seriously, it's a natural: “Did you hear what Toyota wants to do? Start charging a subscription fee to unlock your car remotely." <Person leans in to make sure they heard that right before their head explodes.

We're sorry you blew that person's head off but whatever, they knew the risks - you're a fountain of head-blowing info because you read content like this.

WEIRD WORLD An Australian real estate agency asked tenants to buy Xmas gifts for landlords. Somehow, they did this despite an earlier rise in rents - and the agency offered to facilitate these gifts (such as an AUD $99 hamper full of food). CRACKED.COM


WEIRD WORLD A 48-year-old woman lived as her 22-year-old daughter, a university student. She did that for two years, and held a job at a library and had boyfriends who seriously thought she was 22 years old. CRACKED.COM


WEIRD WORLD A server in Arkansas was fired over a $4,400 tip given by a group of execs. They specifically gave the tip to her and another server who took care of them - but the boss told her she had to share. They took back the tip, and later gave it to her outside the restaurant - and she got fired. CRACKED.COM


WEIRD WORLD A singer at a QAnon conference forgot the words to the National WWGTWGA WHERE Anthem. WE GO ONE ALL IND It was a conference at the Dealey Plaza in Dallas, Texas, that gathered hundreds of QAnon members, too. CRACKED.COM


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