Tell Us Now: 15 Things We Don't Miss About Childhood

Adulting doesn't sound so bad when you consider childing...
Tell Us Now: 15 Things We Don't Miss About Childhood

It's easier to be nostalgic for “simpler times,” but a lot of aspects of being young are just really terrible. We asked Cracked readers on Facebook, “What’s one thing you absolutely do not miss about being a child?” Here are 15 reminders of why you should enjoy being an adult today. 

Living on adult time

... TELL US NOW. LIVING ON ADULT TIME 10 11 12 1 2 و 2 Aaron H. says, Having to live according to someone else's schedule. As an adult I have the right to say 'no' whenever someone wants me to do something. CRACKED.COM

Being talked down to

... TELL US NOW. BEING TALKED DOWN TO William V. says, Not being listened to or taken seriously. I knew what I was talking about. Adults often didn't, but some were bound determined to put me in my place, forever. CRACKED.COM

Not being allowed to swear

... TELL US NOW. NOT BEING ALLOWED TO SWEAR Adam N. says, It seems small and petty, but I remember being racked with guilt (and getting a stern talking to) if I accidentally said 'Damn!' as a kid. But as an adult, I'll fucking swear all I fucking want. Nothing feels better in the world than letting out a stream of vulgarity when you're pissed off! CRACKED.COM

School punishment

... TELL US NOW. SCHOOL PUNISHMENT Andrew J. doesn't miss, Collective punishment in schools. Let's disrupt everyone's day because a few kids are being disruptive. I understand the concept behind it, I just think it is a really stupid idea and I want my recess time back, dammit. CRACKED.COM

Getting permission

... TELL US NOW. GETTING PERMISSION V D () د ث -AS a . MILLION ( ТЕП ات1 - Thong M. says, Having to get permission for everything! Sweet, sweet freedom of adulthood...And then turns out that I have neither the time nor money to do all the things I wanted to do. CRACKED.COM

Dealing with fighting parents

... TELL US NOW. DEALING WITH FIGHTING PARENTS Craig J. says, Super awkward when as a kid you've been passing messages between them and it turns into a shouting match. CRACKED.COM

Having homework

... TELL US NOW. HAVING HOMEWORK Veronica S. says, Homework, which is kind of ironic considering that as an adult I prefer to work from home. CRACKED.COM

Forced affection

... TELL US NOW. FORCED AFFECTION Rena В. never liked being hugged and kissed from people I didn't like. Don't hug and kiss kids without their consent please. CRACKED.COM

Not being able to prepare my own food

... TELL US NOW. NOT BEING ABLE TO PREPARE OWN FOOD Jo F. never liked, Having to eat everything the way my parents liked it. There are a number of foods I hated as a child that I love as an adult because now I can fix them the way I like them, and I don't have to eat ANYTHING that I really can't stand just because someone slapped it on a plate. CRACKED.COM

Less advanced technology

... TELL US NOW. LESS ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY Cody G. says, I'll show my age here. I don't miss dial up Internet. Being able to make a phone call and look at the internet at the same time is a luxury now but impossible during my childhood. CRACKED.COM

Respecting elders

... TELL US NOW. RESPECTING ELDERS Brad J. is grateful to be old enough to not have to take emotional abuse under the guise of 'respecting my elders.' CRACKED.COM

Getting bullied

... TELL US NOW. GETTING BULLIED David M. certainly doesn't miss Being bullied at school on an everyday basis. CRACKED.COM

Being talked to in a baby voice

... TELL US NOW. BEING TALKED TO IN A BABY VOICE Jay G. says, I always detested the cutesy and patronizing tone of voice adults used when they spoke to me. It was even worse when they felt the need to bend down toward me while speaking. Guess what, Stretch. You're not THAT tall. Not only can I hear you just fine from down here, I have no problem deciphering your obvious sarcasm. CRACKED.COM


... TELL US NOW. BEDTIMES Nick C. says, Out of spite/freedom, I now stay up as late as I want. CRACKED.COM

Having babysitters

... TELL US NOW. HAVING BABYSITTERS Brenda M. says, My sibling and I always had the worst sitters in the world. Ranged from those who made us nap all day so she could watch daytime soaps, to sitters who had bullies for children and we were convenient targets. CRACKED.COM
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