Truly, life on Earth is an inexhaustible wellspring of all-round weirdness. And we're just the weirdos to bring you the best weirdness, after all, that's what we traffic in around here. 

Weirdness like how cancer treatments can give some people enhanced ability to see in the dark, how Clint Eastwood could have been James Bond, reindeer can change their eye color and just so much more. It's a veritable buffet for that brain of yours, cooked up to perfection and put in steaming, gold-lined chafing dishes for your happy consumption.

So grab a clean plate and hurry on up. This isn't the only offering, by the way, we're lining up these babies on a weekly basis. So whenever you get the hankering for a plate piled high with weird stop on by - we'll have the sneeze guard in place and everything else all ready to go. Including plenty of croutons, which are homemade.

A Danish actress was arrested in NYC in 1997 for leaving her baby outside a restaurant. She and her husband went in to eat, which would be pretty common practice in Denmark, but it led to child-endangerment charges in the US. CRACKED.COM


Reindeer are the only mammals that change eye color depending on the season. They're golden in the summer but turn a deep blue in winter - the deep blue color helps reindeer see better when there's less light. CRACKED.COM


The writer who came up with The Witcher sold the rights to the games for $9500. That was it - no royalties or anything, just a lump-sum payment (that didn't even come at once, but in two installments). CRACKED.COM


You can get buried in a mushroom suit that decomposes your body after you die. That type of suit gradually digests your body, giving you a totally eco-friendly burial - and, for example, Luke Perry was buried in one. CRACKED.COM


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