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The Surprisingly Violent, Rage-Filled World Of Bingo

Bingo: A super boring game that only old people play because their hips are too fragile for flag football. Agree? You shouldn't.


How The Fashion World Glamorizes Rape, Abuse, And Murder

Contemporary fashion advertising is all about beautiful lifeless women, usually lying in puddles of artfully applied grime and contorted into broken, corpse-like sprawls.


5 Things The US Still Doesn't Understand About Latin America

When it comes to Latin America, the U.S. behaves like a drunken bully.


Things That Are Supposed To Make You Feel Better, But Don't

Nothing is less reassuring than constantly being reassured.


5 Embarrassing Habits Everyone Develops When Living Alone

If you ever find yourself having to live alone for long stretches of time, you too will find yourself doing some truly weird stuff.


6 Flat-Out Crazy Conspiracy Theories (That Really Happened)

We can say with some certainty that the federal government is not, in fact, a front for the lizard people.


5 Things That Will Turn Your Bodily Fluids Straight-Up Alien

It's a statistical fact that going to see a doctor is worse than a biting a sandwich and finding a really long hair enrobed in warm mayonnaise dangling from your lips afterward ... No one likes the doctor.


4 Famous Mascots (Who Have Needlessly Creepy Origin Stories)

Why would so many corporations give their seemingly mundane mascots backstories so dark they might have wandered out of a David Lynch film?


6 Ghosts Who Solved Their Own Murders

Being the ghost of a murder victim must be so frustrating.


The 6 Creepiest Stories Of 2017 (You Totally Missed)

It feels like the world is on fire sometimes, doesn't it? We're about to make everything so, so much worse.


Taco Bell's Website Is Absolutely Insane (No, Seriously)

I don't know how long the weirdness has been there, but I wish I would've scrolled down the page just a little bit more to reach the Promised Land sooner.


5 Jaw-Dropping DIY Costumes (Made By Regular People)

You want to wear that 'This Is My Costume' T-shirt again this Halloween, you go right on ahead.


6 Real People Who Cheated Death In The Craziest Way Possible

This is your daily reminder that we are all but sacks of meat that can and will crumble and rot as surely as last night's Chipotle.


13 Eerily Convincing Paranormal Photos And Videos

Hope you weren’t planning on sleeping tonight.


13 Historical Photos Straight From Your Nightmares

They say the past is a foreign country, but what they've neglected to tell you is that it's a country full of horrors that want you dead.