Tell Us Now: 15 Hard-To-Believe Coincidences

Tell Us Now: 15 Hard-To-Believe Coincidences

We asked Cracked readers on Facebook, “What’s the most unbelievable coincidence you’ve ever experienced?” We were impressed with how often the fates collided for our readers. Keep reading to learn more about the gods' lazy writing.

The Wallet That Came Back

... TELL US NOW. Dave W. says, Lost my wallet while hiking about 30 miles from home. A few nights later I was working the register at my retail job and a couple came up, showed me my driver's license, and asked if I could help find the address so they could return a lost wallet. CRACKED.COM

Bug Buddies

... TELL US NOW. Elliot R. says, The alternator on my VW Jetta crapped out right at sunset on a December road trip, 200 miles from anywhere in rural Missouri. With my wife and (at the time) 2 year old along, I pulled off the highway at an exit with no services at all, and parked in the parking lot of a closed electrician's shop next to a corn field. About five minutes later, a woman pulls up to ask if we're okay. Then she says her husband (the electrician) was on his way, and he collects Volkswagens and maybe

The Boomerang Skirt

... TELL US NOW. Colleen D. says, I once bought this skirt on eBay that I couldn't find anywhere else because the one I had I accidentally donated to the local Goodwill and couldn't track down. The skirt came from a seller in a town over 500 miles away. When it arrived, it had my name written in my handwriting on the tag, and indeed, it was the same skirt! I contacted the seller out of curiosity. She'd been on vacation in town, found the skirt, bought it to take home to her sister, only to find it was too

Popular...Among Scorpions

... TELL US NOW. Manuel R. says, I've been stung by scorpions 4 times in my life. Two of those happened on the same day, by two different scorpions. CRACKED.COM

Roommates to Cousins

... TELL US NOW. 2 . 3 Sheri В. says, College roommate was my cousin that I didn't know about. Her dad was my cousin, and he died when she was a baby and her mom remarried. So we never met until we were random roommates. CRACKED.COM

Strangers Into Family Friends

... TELL US NOW. Michael В. says, I'm from Poland, but I was on a family field trip driving with parents from Las Vegas to L.A. We stopped somewhere in the middle of the desert by a litte roadside shack selling native memorabilia and cold drinks (out of a generator-powered fridge) to tourists. A minute later a big biker gang rolls into the parking next to the shack. We chat up the bikers, they're an international group from Europe on a roadtrip from Alaska do Mexico. We hear some are speaking Polish, we chat. Turns out my parents went to

Vengeance with Care

... TELL US NOW. Richard G. says, I was a nursing aide, and I recognized the name of a resident...after some research, it turned out that he was the son of the man who'd killed my grandfather in 1928. CRACKED.COM

Exotic Locals

... TELL US NOW. Korey J. says, I traveled to New Orleans from Idaho for a conference. The Uber driver on the way to the AirBnB tells me he's from the same city I live in and talked about a very specific company he worked for out here. Upon arrival, I meet up with my boss and he introduced me to another dude, also from another podunk town right next to where I live. I traveled 3000 miles across the country expecting to meet locals and the first two people I meet are people that are from less than 30

The Summoned Necklace

... TELL US NOW. Lauren D. says, Once when I was a kid, I lost my necklace in our (large) backyard. My mum had some friends over at the time, so we all went to the backyard to look for it, with no success. We eventually regrouped in a small circle to plan our next move-only to look down and find the necklace right in the middle of the circle. CRACKED.COM

From Hospital to Adulthood

... TELL US NOW. Jade H. realized that one of my adult best friends was the same kid I met in a hospital ward as kids. CRACKED.COM

A Friend By Any Other Username

... TELL US NOW. 320 32 JORGE CARTER James Y. says, I reconnected with my best friend from elementary school a few years ago. Не had lived down the street from me, and we used to play NES games together. I'm on Xbox now, and he says he is as well. I ask him for his user name, so I can friend him, and as it turned out, he was already on my friend list. Не was some random I friended years ago playing Halo Reach. CRACKED.COM

An Overseas Roommate

... TELL US NOW. Elliot L. says, Going into a random hairdressers in London and through chatting finding out the girl used to live in the exact same apartment as me in Tokyo. CRACKED.COM

Clerks Rerun

... TELL US NOW. Nick G. says, I was visiting my best friend in my hometown for the first time in about a decade and inside a gas station, we met two of our other childhood friends who arrived separately. It was like something out of Clerks. CRACKED.COM

Not-So-Strangers on a Train

... TELL US NOW. POKELL 27 MARKET CLOST Tara C. says, When I was in 3rd grade, on vacation in San Francisco (I lived in CT), my brother and I struck up a random conversation with a woman on a cable car. It turned out she was my teacher's aunt! I was the first person in my class to find out my teacher gave birth to her new baby. CRACKED.COM

The Baseball Bat

... TELL US NOW. David I. tells us, When I was 20 I found a baseball in a bush with my last name on it in my mother's handwriting. Now I hadn't seen my mom in five years, I'm an only child, I was over 50 miles from where I grew up and my last name is wayyyyy not common. Still have no answers to this day. CRACKED.COM
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