15 Things You Can Do With A Bum

15 Things You Can Do With A Bum

The bum is the fleshy part of the human body that sits on the bones of the pelvis. In between the legs, there are two bums: one on the back side and one on the front side. Each bum has two holes, which are connected to different parts of the body. The bum is made up of several different kinds of tissue, including skin, muscle, and fat. The skin is covered with hair, which helps to keep the area clean and protected from germs. The muscle helps to move waste through the digestive system and keeps urine flowing in the right direction. The fat provides cushioning and insulation for the organs in the pelvis.

Everyone loves a bum; they're two for the price of one! Symmetrical and sweet, a bum just can't be beaten. Small and firm or big and bouncy, a bum makes us smile when we're feeling frowny. Ever wondered what a bum's good for, other than the obvious? Cracked's got you covered. Here are 15 things you can do with a butt; just don't do them all at once!

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