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No Sex For You: 5 WTF Drawbacks Of Having A Weird Name

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Superheroes Are Overrated: 6 Villains I'd Rather Date

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6 Mind-Bending Places Where Humans Somehow Have To Work

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4 Problems That Should Infuriate Americans

You may have noticed that America isn't perfect. But you may not have notice that we suffer from problems you'd think even Third World countries would have eradicated by now.


5 Absurd Things American Schools Do To Completely Ruin Lunch

American school cafeterias are the stuff of nightmares, with the quality of their food lying somewhere in the range of 'underfunded prison sponsored by McDonald's.'


When Making Fun Of World Leaders Gets You Thrown In Jail

Let's be thankful we live in a country where we can mock our leaders and not get thrown in jail.


5 Laws Foreign Countries Got Right (That We Need In America)

While we here at Cracked are not particularly fond of laws, there are some we absolutely should steal from other countries.


6 Places Around The World Where All Your Old Crap Ends Up

Some things from our past don't have easy dumping grounds like jeans or the elderly, often leaving us to invent new ways of keeping them around.