16 Cutting Facts About Knives, Razors, and Daggers

16 Cutting Facts About Knives, Razors, and Daggers

Aside from the invention of the wheel and the light bulb, there is no other invention that has benefited the advancement of mankind for good (for the most part) than the knife. A simple, short cutting implement has helped us achieve agriculture, taken down prey and predators, ward off fellow human attackers, and provided a way for us to pick our teeth in the coolest, most dangerous way possible.

It can be easy to see how so many people overlook the knife. In today’s world, it’s just a fork’s tag team partner and a metal stick used to slather peanut butter on things. Or it’s an impractical  decorative tchotchke that you find at a flea market to use as wall art or something (if you’re a single, lonely man). But knives are more than what they seem.

Let’s cut the nonsense and trim away the nonsense with some interesting facts about knives.


Obsidian knives can slice at a cellular level. These knives are so sharp they can cut individual cells, making them a sought-after and expensive blade. The best steel scalpel tears into tissues like a chainsaw in comparison. CRACKED.COM

Source: CNN

Stone Age Knives

Knives are older than modern humans beings. In 2009, stone blades were discovered in Africa that were more than a half million years old. This means that the first cutting implements and tools were created before even Neanderthals existed. CRACKED.COM

Source: Science

King Tut's Alien Knife

King Tut owned a knife made from a meteorite. Researchers were puzzled by the iron knife found in King Tutankhamen's tomb, as iron was very rare during his reign. The blade's mix of iron, nickel and cobalt strongly suggests an extraterrestrial origin. CRACKED.COM

Source: History

Obsidian Scalpels

Obsidian scalpels give surgeons a cutting edge. In lieu of traditional steel, many top surgeons prefer scalpels made of obsidian (a type of volcanic glass), as they are able to make finer, exact cuts on even the toughest materials. CRACKED.COM

Source: CNN

Gem of the Orient

The most expensive knife is worth $2.1 million. It took 10 years for Buster Warenski to craft the Gem of the Orient, a knife made with 153 emeralds, nine diamonds, and a jade handle. This has to be the priciest thing ever made by someone named Buster. CRACKED.COM

Source: Oishya

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