12 Unexpected Ways The World Was Different Before The Light Bulb

Was the light bulb an entirely bright idea?
12 Unexpected Ways The World Was Different Before The Light Bulb

Even before Thomas Edison invented and began commercializing his incandescent lamp first in 1879, just a year later, in 1880, British engineers were illustrating that lighting was doable with the arc lamp.

Everything changed when the light bulb was invented. It's difficult to envision life before the invention of the light bulb. After all, it was a brilliant idea (sorry, we had to). Just consider the modern cartoon ‘idea’ cliche: a cartoon light bulb appearing above a person's head.

However, there are some aspects of human society that were completely abolished when the light bulb was initially turned on. Campfire tales are only told on special trips and at kids camps. We used to be able to see the Milky Way plainly and in stunning clarity at night. On the plus side, new candles smell nicer, and we no longer have to be concerned about "night-sneaks."

It’s because of the light bulb that our lives and our civilization were permanently transformed. The invention of the light bulb had an impact on several things.

Scroll on down for some wild examples of stuff that was changed forever by one brilliant invention.

Before artificial light, people could see the Milky Way. CRACKEDCOr An estimated 80% of people today have never seen the Milky Way due to light pollut

Source: PBS

In some European cities, thieves tripped victims by stretching ropes across narrow streets. CRACKEDc Outside of London, thieves would knock riders dow

Source: At Day’s Close: Night in Times Past

People would sneak into houses in the day, hide under beds, and attack at night. These night-sneaks struck when people were defenseless, often targe

Source: At Day’s Close: Night in Times Past

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