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What Role-Playing Games Are Really Like (When You're Drunk)

If you played role-playing games as a child, then you know they never worked as advertised. You'd sit down for an epic adventure with your friends only to find out that one of them can't pay attention, one is too stupid to be allowed near math, and one is ashamed of everything you're doing. I decided that nerds get lied to enough. An honest RPG.


5 Silver Linings Now That Identity Theft Ruined Your Life

Looking back, it was probably a bad idea to use your credit card as a Facebook profile pic.


17 Apocalypses We'll Never See Coming

Whether it's some kind of ridiculous science experiment gone wrong or a previously unknown type of natural disaster, the world is almost certain to end in some way we never thought possible.


7 Real Car Chases Way Crazier Than Anything in the Movies

Sometimes reality grabs fiction by the throat and drags it screaming down the highway before hitting a conveniently placed ramp, ramming through a gas tanker, and careening -- airborne and aflame -- into the white house.



How to Make the Most of Working The Early Shift [COMIC]

The early bird catches the worm, and screws up his files.



5 Things You Love to Discuss That Nobody Else Cares About

Everyone is beautiful and special and amazing, and all of our stories are unique and inspiring and we all have a lot to offer one another. But seriously, shut the hell up about the following topics.


11,201 More Pieces of Terrible Advice

Don't fight it, lady! Hugging strangers is the 853rd way to celebrate America! 854 through 921 are all sex coupons, but I'll wait for you to stop screaming before I get into those.


If Other Industries Were As Evil as the RIAA

Regardless of what else the Recording Industry Association of America has done, most of us know them for fighting illegal music downloads by suing college students and sometimes grandmothers into bankruptcy. That made us wonder what the world would be like if other industries cared as much about money, and as little about horrifically bad PR.


A Care Bear Adventure of Revenge


6 Eerily Specific World Events Predicted by Comics

A lot of shit happens in comic books, and a lot of shit happens in real life, so every once in a while they're bound coincide, right? That still doesn't explain some of the freaky stuff comics have gotten right. Like...