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5 Examples of Americans Thinking Foreign People Are Magic

Enlightened white people go to poor foreign countries and ask, 'What do these noble people have to teach us?' The results are less murderous but more annoying.


How to Tell a Scary Story [COMIC]

Got to keep it fresh.


5 Scientific Reasons Powerful People Will Always Suck

Science says being in charge not only attracts terrifying douche bags but creates them as well. And with that, here's the scariest article you'll read this month.


How To 'Bring It' [COMIC]

Or just don't use phrases like 'bring it.' Your call.


6 Words That Need to Be Invented [COMIC]

Awkard people would be so much better off if Shakespeare were still around.


5 Popular Safety Measures That Don't Make You Any Safer

It's so hard to think logically about safety. We figure that any time our health or the safety of our children is at stake, it's better safe than sorry. Unfortunately, this leads to a whole lot of well-publicized and often expensive safety measures that are often worthless, or downright dangerous.


15 Things I Regret Doing At Your Petting Zoo: An Apology

To the owners and staff of the Storybook Petting Zoo ...


13 Wildly Irresponsible Vintage Ads Aimed at Kids

Once upon a time, not only did manufacturers not care what we did with their product, they seemed to build entire ad campaigns around tempting us to use them to kill our children.


6 Images From My Life You Won't Believe Aren't Photoshopped

Behold fair readers, the wild and wondrous world of Gladstone! Horrifying. Strange. And utterly real.


How To Ruin Your Childhood Memories [COMIC]

Don't think about it too much.


The 7 Most Incredible Crime Sprees Carried Out by Animals

What's the worst thing you've ever done? Ever organized a riot, caused a blackout or intentionally tipped over a boat with people in it? If you said no, you have nothing on these animals.



Smokey The Bear: A Terrifying Origin Story [COMIC]

For over fifty years, Smokey Bear has spread the message of forest fire safety. And every step of the way, a raccoon named Specs was there to make puns about it, to drop birthday cakes, to start stampedes, to trap everyone in caves and to of course start many, many forest fires. For some reason, Smokey Bear never did a damn thing about it.


7 Priceless Works of Art Ruined by Staggering Acts of Idiocy

Sometimes there's no good reason for losing valuable art. Sometimes you just have to chalk it up to blatant stupidity.


6 Iconic Jobs That Are Going Away Forever

It's hard to believe, but jobs that have been around since our birth are going the way of the buffalo.