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4 Ridiculous Things No One Tells You About Being an Adult

If you've ever felt like your parents were stuck in the past, this is why.


23 Movie Plots Easily Solved by Everyday Technology

A lot of movies could've been solved with simple solutions. We asked our readers to show us what the genius' in the movies couldn't come up with.


7 Useless Money-Saving Tips People Were Paid to Write

Most of these tips are not useful at all, which would be annoying enough coming from a well-meaning friend, but the thought that these obvious, impractical and just plain stupid tips are coming from a human being who was paid to come up with them is enough to spike your blood pressure.


The 7 Most Extreme Lies Ever Told to Get Out of Something

There are a number of perfectly reasonable excuses to avoid doing something you don't want to, but sometimes reason just won't cut it. That's when crazy steps in.


20 Prequels Too Awesome to Exist

In the wake of the general disappointment in 'Prometheus' we got to wondering what prequels Hollywood could make that wouldn't end with fan boys singing about their childhood being raped. We asked you to imagine them for us.


What 14 Corporations Would Look Like in Human Form

If you thought some companies were ugly already, well, then prepare to toss your cookies.


The 4 Stupidest Things People Love Getting Offended About

Being offended is a bit of a national pastime. But some people seem to want to put a lot of effort into getting thoroughly pissed over the smallest, most insignificant things that really have no effect on them at all.


American History as Misunderstood by a 5-Year-Old

Sometimes the innocence of a child is more awesome than anything history can throw at us.


Just Out of Frame of Famous Movie Moments

The camera can't capture everything that's going on, even in great movie scenes. We asked you to show us what surprising things we'd see if the camera had been zoomed out just a little wider.


5 Popular Forms of Charity (That Aren't Helping)

By all means, donate to charity. Just please avoid messing it all up with one of these mistakes.


18 Global Conspiracies Behind Seemingly Innocent Events

We all have our suspicions that there's more going on than we actually see.


5 Ridiculous Things That Show Up in the Art of Every Comic

I collected comics for a long time until I went terribly broke one day and never returned. I remember it fondly and am reminded of some of my favorite cliches.


The 5 Least Courageous Things Ever Done in a Crisis

You can only truly appreciate the hero who says 'Women and children first!' when you see how many people in the same situation say 'Outta my way!'