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5 Things Everyone Gets Wrong About Government Spending

For the sake of our simple little minds, are some of the biggest misconceptions people have about government finances. Please keep it handy and refer to it whenever you see a bunch of zeroes.


5 Insane Things That Will Destroy Our Power Grid

Cracked sat down with an executive for one of the companies working to protect and modernize our electric utilities, and he broke the difficult news that our power grid is about as carefully maintained as the floor of a taxi cab.


5 Cynical Marriage Tips Every Couple Needs to Learn

If you expect marriage to be a 50/50 deal then you don't understand marriage math.


5 Deranged Authors Who Wrote the Same Book Over and Over

If it's completely crazy, don't fix it.


4 Important Skills That Lazy People Learn in High School

I was a high school slacker. We slackers want to be winners. We want to have monstrous GPAs. We want to be everything we know we can be ... it's all just so deeply unengaging.


5 Things Nobody Tells You About Trying to Lose Weight

Hi, my name is Pauli. I'm an idiot, and this is my guide to losing weight.


4 Weird Decisions That Have Made Modern Cops Terrifying

The myth of the police officer has gotten pretty rotten.


5 Things You Learn About Rich People Working at a Nice Hotel

These are the terrible exploits of the One Percent firsthand.


A New Shirt for 'The Avengers,' 'The Sandman' & 'Akira' Fans

Turns out the gods of pop culture are all besties.