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The 6 Craziest Ways Creators Hid Themselves in Video Games

When we're playing video games, we don't really think much about the people who make them. So maybe it's no surprise that game developers come up with devious and quite frankly insane ways to insert their faces in hidden spots of the game.


The 6 Most Absurdly Difficult Video Game Puzzles

Here are the men responsible for the thousands of innocent deaths of video game controllers.


7 Amazing Video Games We'll Never Get to Play

To any game developers who may be reading: You can take any of the ideas presented in this column, just as long as you don't make another Call of Duty game.


3 Reasons to Hate Casual Video Games

All these games rope you in, and then only after hours of wasted time do you realize what a stupid mistake you made.


5 Prejudices That Video Games Can't Seem to Get Over

Look, we set the standards for video games and we know that being racist, sexist, homophobic jerkholes is wrong ... don't we?


So You've Got a Gerbil Stuck in Your Ass

No. I have ... a thing ... in my ... b ... b ... I can't tell you.


The 5 Most Absurdly Expensive Items in Online Gaming

For years alchemists tried to turn stupid lead into gold. Game developers have fixed that formula by ditching the dead weight of the eighth word.


The 14 Worst Boobs in the History of Video Games

Video games treat breasts like real black holes: irresistable points which suck in anyone who comes near, yet don't obey the classical laws of physics.


4 Reasons Why the Best Multiplayer Games Are All Broken

I have to admit that some of the most fun I've ever had in gaming was due to multiplayer. It just so happens that every great multiplayer game I've played was completely broken.


6 Moments That Make Video Games Worth It

With joy in my heart, let me try to explain the feelings that come with being a video game player.


5 Great Ways to Destroy Your Highly Anticipated Video Game

There's a long list of massively anticipated games that didn't come out until years after their initial announcement at E3. There are a few reasons why this happens, which I've enumerated in an extraordinarily gritty list.


The 6 Most Insane Video Games About Dating

Dating video games are hugely popular in Japan. Naturally, some of these games go just a little too far.


The 5 Worst Marketing Failures in the History of Video Games

When the ‘Diablo III’ servers were broken for most of its first day live, millions of frustrated fingers told the Internet how pissed off they were. However, as far as video game PR disasters go, it couldn't contend with these classics:


6 Japanese Video Games That Will Make Your Head Explode

For those of you who have become numb to video games, allow us to give you feeling again.


The 6 Greatest Video Games We'll Never Get to Play

Every gamer I know is that they all have at least one revolutionary, brilliant, perfect, and heartbreakingly unrealized ‘I Have a Game’ concept: Some untapped property, or some new direction for a sequel that just never got made, but would shake the gaming world to the core if it did.