'The Division 2' Now Features A Baffling Nuclear Power Plant Invasion

'The Division 2' Now Features A Baffling Nuclear Power Plant Invasion

Whether it's for bad user interfaces, internal problems stemming from rampant abuse, or just not showing the sequel to the best game they've ever made, Ubisoft just can't seem to catch deserve a break. Everyone hates the company so much that even the Russian forces invading Ukraine have started taking over various nuclear plants just to make The Division 2's new power plant invasion simulator look like a bad idea. That's a joke (we think). The truth is that the people at Ubisoft have decided to launch a nuclear power plant invasion-themed update while the Russians are dangerously taking over various nuclear plants all over Ukraine.

Milicia looking at burning capitol building


If only there were awards for impossibly bad timing.

The new update will feature a mode called countdown, in which teams of 8 players will not defend but take over a nuclear power plan from enemy forces. The weirdest aspect of all is how The Division 2 has been mostly dead on the update front for a while now, so it probably could have stood to gain more from taking a longer nap than from waking up to deliver a playable version of the worst parts of current-day life. 

Just a picture of a guy with a mask, there's no pandemic update


Unless the game has been quiet because the company had to cancel an update about spreading a virus “for good reasons” and is now in dire need of a comeback.

While this is something they'd been working on for a while, and the fact that they have a very unfortunately timed update is just a sad coincidence, it's impossible to see the idea of just releasing it at this time as anything other than dumb. This would be far from the dumbest story to come out of a military shooter because that's the best genre when it comes to dumb stories, but it might very well be the most poorly-timed shooter debacle of all time, and yet another miss when it comes to Ubisoft's wonky politics. Well, at least Ubisoft isn't selling games to Russian players!

Top Image: Ubisoft

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