'Elden Ring' Creators Want 'Mistborn' Author Brandon Sanderson For Their Next Game

How can the makers of the biggest game ever go even bigger?
'Elden Ring' Creators Want 'Mistborn' Author Brandon Sanderson For Their Next Game

Elden Ring's unprecedented success probably warrants FromSoftware the chance to pick any author they want to work with next – even though they chose George R. R. Martin to corrupt the world he'd crafted for the game. The author Bandai Namco is already courting for their upcoming partnership is Brandon Sanderson, the man behind ‘Mistborn’, an already popular book series that will enjoy an exponential rise in popularity in the next few (hopefully less than 5) years.

The cover of one of the Mistborn novels

Brandon Sanderson

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In his seduction efforts, Dark Souls creator Hidetaka Miyazaki sent Sanderson an Elden Ring box which contained a map, some cool action figures, a mysterious letter whose contents remain hidden, and even an actual unsharpened broadsword.

Curved sword from Elden Ring

From Software, Xam3lpt

You go get the severed horse head yourself - Miyazaki, probably.

Interestingly, Sanderson was salty about it –not because he was being courted to work on a game by Fromsoft, but because he believes that should've happened sooner. He went on to say that he saw no reason why they'd picked Martin, a guy who spends his days talking about football when they could've gone with Sanderson, a man who's been playing FromSoftware's games since long before they became good the King's Field days. We kind of have to understand Miyazaki wanting to go with Martin since production on ‘Elden Ring’ began long before Game Of Thrones' sad crash and burn, and it's cool that the company is aiming to mend that by giving a lesser-known multi-million selling author a chance at some success. Don't worry, Brandon, the need to do Fortnite crossovers is over.

On a more serious note, Brandon Sanderson is not just a big shot on his own, but also the top-notch official ghostwriter who concluded the Wheel Of Time series of novels after the death of Robert Jordan. He has even written a novel set in the Magic: The Gathering Universe, a trading card game that could also use some good story-driven video games, just saying.

Top Image: FromSoftware, Xam3lpt


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