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6 Ways My Real Kung Fu Training Was Crazier Than Any Movie

Kung fu can be way crazier than the movies show you.


8 Things Nobody Tells You About Climbing a Mountain

My name is Ian Overton, and a couple of years ago, I was roped into attempting the most indisputably batshit thing I have ever attempted.


7 Brilliantly Poetic Phrases Accidentally Invented by Sports

In the interest of casting the sporting world in a light that Cracked's bookish audience might appreciate, I'm going to talk about words instead.


5 Things We're Begging to See Changed in Pro Wrestling

For a show that's planned ahead of time, the people in charge of planning it absolutely suck at their jobs.


5 Things I Learned Cheating (and Getting Caught) in a Casino

Before I got sick of sucking in secondhand smoke at the tables and quit, I learned a few weird things about the art of betting on pictures of numbers and royalty to pay my rent.


5 Reasons the NFL's Way More Evil Than You Thought Possible

This stuff is getting hard to ignore, you guys.


The 6 Most Disastrous Gimmick Matches in Wrestling History

The history of wrestling is a never-ending list of increasingly ridiculous (and dangerous) gimmick matches.


5 Ways Professional Sports Benefit Society

Minus the ridiculously unhealthy stadium food. That is not a benefit to anyone.


6 Myths About Body Builders That Are Total BS

Through the process of watching bodybuilding contests and meeting these quad monsters, I learned that muscular men and women aren't put on earth to shove me while they berate me for biting a slice of pizza.


4 Ways Fantasy Football Makes You Miserable

Fantasy footbal has a supremely stupid dark side, and it starts with the very foundation of every team.


7 Old Pictures That Prove Sports Used To Be Insane

Back before professional sports were a multi-billion-dollar industry that cared about things like public image and reputation, the world of sports was just one big game of leapfrog to see who could scare the crap out of the most people.


5 Reasons You Should Hate Professional Sports

Now, I don't think sportings themselves are bad. No no no, the institution of professional athletics is the festering pile of social ills that I'm tackling today.


4 Terrible Golf Tips For Beginners (By a Beginner)

I've collected a few tips and tricks for people interested in learning how to play perhaps the laziest sport you can make millions playing on a professional level.


6 Ways the 1904 Olympics Were the Craziest Event Ever Held

Every Olympics will have one or two crazy stories, but the 1904 Olympics takes the cake. It takes the insanity cake and eats it with its hands.


The 5 Most Insane Ways Underdogs Won Olympic Medals

The Olympics have always been full of underdog stories, and consistently prove that you can overcome almost anything if you're determined, insane, or both.