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5 Reasons Gun Control In The United States Is A Lost Cause

The steps we take in the name of curbing gun violence often come off as ceremonial gestures at best.


The 13 Most Insane Things Happening Right Now (9/6)

Sure, you could keep up with the news. But then you'd miss the balls-to-the-wall action of Mark Hamill shaving his beard.


50 Candidates Who'd Be Better Than Trump At Being President

Rumors continue to circulate about Donald Trump possibly dropping out of the election. That is understandably making GOP leadership nervous. So what are their other options?


4 Stories From When U.S. Terrorism Was Extremely Common

What rarely comes up during discussions about the modern-day terror crisis is that, at least in the United States, terrorist attacks used to be a way bigger problem than they are now.


The 14 Most Insane Things Happening Right Now (8/30)

Keeping up with the news is like trying to play Whack-a-Mole with a spork.


5 Ways Growing Up Female In Saudi Arabia Is A Nightmare

You can't judge an entire country by their government. Which is why we reached out to two Saudi women to find out what life there is really.


The 13 Most Insane Things Happening Right Now (8/23)

We feel you. Some weeks you just get too busy erecting life-sized, naked Trump statues to keep up with the news.


5 Idiots Who Filmed Themselves Being The Worst People Ever

Some people fire up the video camera and turn it right on themselves as soon as they start acting insane. Even worse, they're obviously proud of what they're doing.


Trump May Be Saving His Biggest (Worst) Surprise For Last

It's impossible to predict exactly what kind of dumb, expensive television stunt the Trump campaign might go with. But there's a high probability that it will completely bizarre.


The 14 Most Insane Things Happening Right Now (8/16)

It's not just you. It's gotten a little weird, out there. Even the news seems like an Orwellian fever dream.


6 Awesome Stories From The Rio Olympics NBC Won't Show You

You probably heard that the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro were going to be an absolute disaster. But every virus-laden cloud holding you up at gunpoint has a silver lining.


5 Movies That Inadvertently Changed The Course Of US History

There are plenty of responsibilities where cribbing off of whatever's new on Netflix is a really, really bad idea. Like shaping government policies.


The 5 Most Insane Twist Endings Of Real Missing Person Cases

Modern technology makes it pretty difficult for a person to drop off the face of the Earth. But back when that was more common, missing persons cases used to get super weird.


5 Huge Problems You Thought Went Away (Definitely Did Not)

Sometimes, problems don't actually go away; we just stop talking about them as much for some reason.